September 2016

[Adult + Higher Education] The Latest Statistics

by sarah.cornelius@edmentum.com

Continuing education, whether it’s achieving a high-school equivalency credential, earning a skill-based certificate, or completing a degree, produce career (and paycheck!) dividends for adult learners quickly.

Internship Experience at Edmentum: Mariah Bovee

by carly.bursik@edmentum.com

Mariah Bovee spent her summer interning in our Sales Operations Department. Find more out about Mariah and her experiences at Edmentum!

ISTE Seal of Alignment: How EdOptions Academy Maps to the ISTE Standards

by brianna.pyka@edmentum.com

ISTE's Seal of Alignment for Readiness indicates that EdOptions Academy courses focus on teaching students to effectively use technology, and build the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards.

[Parent Tips] 8 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

by sarah.cornelius@edmentum.com

Academic success is always a team effort. These questions for teachers are a great place for parents to start in order to make sure they're involved in their child's education.

5 Tips to Develop a Growth Mindset in Your Classroom

by mckenna.wierman@edmentum.com

Individuals with a growth mindset, who believe that intelligence is like a muscle which can be developed and strengthened over time, tend to embrace challenges, persevere, and generally achieve higher rates of overall success than those with a fixed mindset.

The Power of Personalized Learning for Secondary Students

by casey.stone

Personalized learning isn’t a checklist. It’s an interconnected system of learning resources, surrounding the student, and orchestrated by the instructor that can be a powerful tool to drive deeper learning and engagement.

3 Classroom Management Tips to Support Your Students of Varying Exceptionalities

by scott.sterling

As more and more schools embrace the benefits of inclusive classrooms, there are some general planning strategies educators can use to effectively handle varying exceptionalities in the classroom.

Personalized, Individualized, and Differentiated Learning: A Simple Math Equation

by madison.michell

Personalized, individualized, and differentiated—three flavors of learning with just enough in common to cause a lot of confusion in the education space. At Edmentum, we've been directing our time and energy towards developing a visual definition that’s easy to follow.