October 2016

6 Strategies to Incorporate Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

by mckenna.wierman@edmentum.com

Teaching with an SEL lens focuses on instructing students in how to deal with their emotions, manage relationships, and effectively work independently and with others.

[Product Update] Eggs-citing Refresh to Reading Eggspress Reports

by madison.michell

We're rolling out an updated Reading Eggspress reporting dashboard designed to help you quickly determine classroom trends, Lexile® gains, and student usage with intuitive charts and graphs.

Internship Experience at Edmentum: Mehul Gore

by carly.bursik@edmentum.com

Mehul Gore spent his summer interning in our Software Development Department. Find more out about Mehul and his experiences at Edmentum!

3 Reasons Why All Parents Should Be Involved in Their Child’s Education

by megan.sternke@edmentum.com

One of the biggest influences on a child’s success stems from how invested the parents are in his or her education.

[Classroom Management] 4 Pitfalls to Avoid for Effective Group Work

by madison.michell

Successful cooperative learning means helping students strike a delicate balance between working and interacting to keep your classroom from quickly descending into chaos.

[Online Learning] 10 Ways EdOptions Academy Courses Meet Student Needs

by brianna.pyka@edmentum.com

EdOptions Academy focuses on both the “what” and the “how” by delivering pedagogically sound instructional design while creating a supportive and personal learning experience for each learner.

[Career Readiness] What’s the Difference Between Skills, Talents, and Experience?

by leslie.holland

Developing the ability to articulate how unique skills, talents, and experience map to career objectives and successfully integrating the terminology of a chosen field into everyday vocabulary are key steps to solidify career readiness.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Strategies to Ensure Student Access to Technology at Home

by shannon.labree

As technology becomes more and more integral in the classroom, students without access at home face a disadvantage. Here's three strategies to help students overcome the challenge.