December 2016

[Student Engagement] Using Plato Courseware for Winter Break Concept Recovery

by regina.waddell

With Plato Courseware, you can work with struggling students over the winter break to help them master the topics they struggled with in the first semester and possibly earn some extra credit to boost their grades.

Teachers’ Influence on the Edtech Purchasing Process: 3 Important Considerations to Bring to Your Administrators

by becky.simon-burton@edmentum.com

You've found a perfect technology solution to support personalized learning - now, how do you convince your administrators of its value? We've put together three tips for productive conversations.

Edmentum and Carone Learning: Expanding Student Choices for Health and Fitness Education

by brianna.pyka@edmentum.com

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Carone Learning will add over 65 semesters of health, fitness, and career and technical education curriculum to the Edmentum course library!

[Student Engagement] Extending Learning Over the Winter Break with Study Island

by regina.waddell

Study Island is an excellent resource to keep your students working over the break without the hassles of traditional take-home packets. Here are two of our favorite strategies!

[Adult + HigherEd] 5 Steps to Targeted Instruction for Adult Learners

by sarah.cornelius@edmentum.com

Targeted, or personalized, instruction is fantastic in theory – especially for adult learners with widely varying skill sets, academic needs, and goals. A well-thought-out plan and the right resources are key to making it work.

How Parents Can Use Rewards to Encourage Learning

by elaine.ho@edmentum.com

Studies have shown that, used at the right time, external motivators can help children complete a task which they would have not wanted to do previously. Here are four best practice tips for rewarding your children in ways that are healthy and effective in the long term.

Edmentum’s Exact Path and Our Commitment to Actionable Data

by jeff.mcleod@edmentum.com

As we designed our new Individualized Learning Solution, we kept all four of our core commitments - to quality content, simple technology, actionable data, and customer success - top of mind.