February 2017

7 Tips to Help ELLs Prepare for High-Stakes Testing

by sarah.cornelius@edmentum.com

State testing season comes with an added level of stress for students classified as English Language Learners (ELLs). How can educators take steps to level the playing field and ensure that standardized testing measures concept knowledge - not language proficiency?

[Test Preparation] 6 Tips for Teachers to Help Students Manage Stress

by mckenna.wierman@edmentum.com

Testing season inevitably means classroom stress will hit a new high. Help students stay cool, calm, and collected for a successful testing season with these six tips!

[Product Enhancement] Reading Eggspress Assignments

by madison.michell

We're excited to share a refreshed Reading Eggspress Assignments interface that will provide educators with even more content available to assign and additional status details to help monitor students’ completion of assignments.

5 Best Practices for Personalized Professional Development

by winnie.oleary

Personalized learning is gaining traction as an instructional approach. How can the same principals be applied to improve professional development opportunities for teachers?

Personalized Learning: Where does engagement fit into the equation?

by madison.michell

Here are three ways engagement features are connected to the larger goals of personalized learning and why they matter when you’re choosing an edtech solution.

[Classroom Assessment] 5 Creative Strategies for Engaging Exit Tickets

by scott.sterling

Exit tickets are a great low-stress assessment method to get a pulse on what material students understand and what they are still struggling with at the end of a lesson.

Measuring Student Academic Growth in Personalized and Adaptive Learning Models

by dave.adams

As state standards, tests, and accountability all continue to evolve toward higher expectations of student performance, growth-based assessment models are gaining popularity. We're taking a closer look at the difference between growth and proficiency, and the benefits growth-based models have to offer.

[CTE Month] Building Partnerships for Success

by brianna.pyka@edmentum.com

February is the Association for Career and Technical Education’s CTE Month™, and we at Edmentum could not be more exc