May 2017

[Contest Announcement] Edmentum Summer Academic Sprints

by brittany.becker

We're calling all Study Island users to register for our Summer Academic Sprints Contest! Correctly answer as many questions as possible for a chance at great prizes, all while fighting summer learning loss!

5 Classroom Activities to Help Students Reflect on Learning

by mckenna.wierman@edmentum.com

Taking time with your class to look back on the past year you’ve spent together is a great strategy to part ways on a high note before the summer begins, and it also helps your students reflect on their academic progress.

[EducationCity Feature Focus] Dive into NEW Content

by madison.michell

Edmentum’s pre-K through 6th grade teaching and learning program, EducationCity, is continuously updated with new and im

Why All Parents Need to Advocate for Their Child in the Classroom

by hugh.o'donovan

Every child's education is more successful when there is respectful collaboration, active communication, and true partnership between teachers in the classroom and parents at home.

[Teacher Tips] What to Look for in Your Lesson Video

by scott.sterling

Taking videos of your lessons is a great way for teachers to see the classroom from a new perspective and reflect on your practice. Here's five things to keep in mind.

5 Parent Tips to Keep Children Engaged at the End of the School Year

by sarah.cornelius@edmentum.com

For parents, these last few weeks before summer can feel like a marathon, attempting to keep your children from completely checking out from the classroom mentally. Here are five ideas to keep kids engaged through the end of the school year.

How Edmentum Courseware Is Meeting University of California “a-g” Standards

by shane.dennison

Edmentum works closely with the University of California and the California DOE to make sure that our online courses meet the rigorous "a-g" standards designed to ensure that students attain the breadth and depth of general knowledge to be successful in advanced studies.

5 Tips to Keep Students On Track in Summer School

by regina.waddell

Most students don't want to be in summer school, but more often than not, success is critical to keeping them on pace for graduation. Here's five tips for educators to set students up for success.