August 2017

Announcing Edmentum’s Back-to-School Giveaway for Parents!

by elaine.ho@edmentum.com

New classrooms, new activities, new friends, new learning—the start of a new school year is always an exciting time for parents and kids alike.

Edmentum’s Commitment to Courseware – An In-Depth Look

by jasmine.auger@edmentum.com

At Edmentum, we like to think that who we are is a lot like who you are—educators committed to the success of every student.

How One Reluctant Teacher Embraced A Growth Mindset

by lisa.bliss

Initially, I thought Carol Dweck's bestseller Mindset would tell me nothing more than to "Be more positive!". Little did I know that having a growth mindset is about so much more than an optimistic attitude.

Internship Experience at Edmentum: Jessica Reedy

by carly.bursik@edmentum.com

Jessica Reedy spent her summer interning in our Human Resources Department. Find more out about Jessica and her experiences at Edmentum!

Meeting the Challenge of Intervention: How Edmentum’s Online Programs Support Student Success

by chris.bolyard

Advances in instructional technology are giving educators stronger and more reliable tools to meet the growing challenge of providing effective interventions for diverse student populations. We're wrapping up our series by looking at how Edmentum programs can support your intervention efforts.

[Parent Tips] 5 Common Questions About Social and Emotional Learning

by elaine.ho@edmentum.com

Success is about a lot more than “book smarts”, and teaching these social and emotional skills is a becoming an increasing focus in classrooms and formal curriculum. Here's five common questions answered to help parents better understand social and emotional learning.

9 Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Communication

by mckenna.wierman@edmentum.com

You know communication between teachers and parents is vital, but how do you actually make time for regular interactions to build those critical relationships? Here are nine tips to help you establish successful lines of communication.

Introducing Edmentum’s Inspirational High School Educator: Lea Ann Solberg

by brittany.becker

Hear from our Inspirational High School Educator, Lea Ann Solberg, on why she's passionate about education and technology.