September 2017

[Classroom Management] The Power of Behavioral Narration

by madison.michell

Behavior narration is all about treating positive classroom behavior as an expectation instead of a goal, and using the positive actions you see students engage in as a model to encourage more of the same. Here, we're breaking down how and why this technique works.

7 Tips for Parents to Help Your Child Develop Effective Study Skills

by elaine.ho@edmentum.com

Success in the classroom doesn’t come from any single thing—it’s about the right mix of attitude, habits, and effort. So, as a parent, how can you help you child develop the study skills they need to achieve academic success? Here’s eight tips to get started!

10 Study Island Features You Need To Know About

by mckenna.wierman@edmentum.com

After combing through items from this summer’s release and adding in a few lesser-known customer favorites, we’ve arrived at 10 of Study Island's best features that will enrich your classroom teaching and drive your students’ success.

Research at Edmentum: Using Exact Path to Drive Growth for English Language Learners

by shannan.lamalfa@edmentum.com

Meeting the diverse needs of English language learners is a key challenge for administrators and classroom teachers. Edmentum Exact Path was designed to support the kind of individualized instruction these students need, and now the program's efficacy has been backed up with a WIDA PRIME V2 correlation!

[Release Round Up] Heading Back to School with Courseware, Study Island, and Exact Path Updates

by ashlee.tatum@edmentum.com

While we’ve been sharing the updates with you all summer and adding information to the Edmentum What’s New page, now, we’d like to take a step back. Here, we’ll highlight the most impactful investments made to Courseware, Study Island, and Exact Path this summer that are sure to set you on the right track for the 2017-18 school year.

5 Important Questions for Parents to Ask Their Child’s Teachers

by sarah.cornelius@edmentum.com

Here are five important questions to ask your child’s teacher to gain a better understanding of their approach to learning, ensure that you stay in the loop with your child’s progress, and provide the best support possible all year long.