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Online Learning with EdOptions Academy: Providing Access for All Learners in Onslow County Schools

For a growing number of students, the traditional classroom environment simply isn’t the right fit. Learn how Onslow County Schools have partnered with Edmentum's EdOptions Academy to meet student needs and retain enrollment.

Teacher Shortages in Small School Districts

In Oklahoma, the teacher shortage is such a critical issue that the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Janet Barresi, called on the state legislature to act. The issue of teacher shortages is not only an issue there but also is a problem for small, often rural, school districts in many other states.

Giving Students Hope

The Story of Beacon High Alternative School in Collier County, Florida

Local Libraries in Virtual Education

In 2003 I oversaw the implementation of the Palm Beach County School District’s virtual credit recovery program and was approached by the Palm Beach County Library System and the West Palm Beach Municipal Recreation Department.

State Virtual Report Cards: What You Need to Know about Your State

In the virtual education world, the government always seems to be playing catch up.

Helping Students Transition Back to School from Alternative Schools

In the State of Florida, a new legislative session is seeing a lot of action pertaining to virtual education. One bill, HB 441, is taking on Juvenile Justice Education Programs.

EdOptions Academy Takes Another Significant Step Forward

There are many keys to student success in an online learning environment. One of the most critical is communication. Without proper communication processes, procedures, and technological ability, an otherwise great online curriculum could fail before it even gets off the ground.  Communication was a top priority when we began EdOptions Academy.

World Book and EdOptions Academy: A Perfect Match

About a month ago I received a phone call that I had been waiting to hear for five years. I was told that World Book was available as a media center for EdOptions Academy. This was exciting news.

Online Learning and the Age Old Problem of Cheating

I was reading an article in the New York Times that discussed the issue of students cheating in online courses in colleges. It brought me back to 2002 when I was first tasked to create an online program. Cheating, or making sure that the student was the one doing the work was a key issue.

Using Online Curriculum for a Credit Recovery Program: Part 2

Scott Lobdell, Virtual Consultant at Edmentum, continues his series on creating a successful credit recovery program.

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