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The Evolution of Academic Standards

As we move out of the Common Core period and dive deeper into ESSA requirements, I think that we will continue to see the move to write and define state-specific criteria for standards. I think that we could continue to see groups of states bring educators together to share their learning and redefine standards as a cohort to improve learning for all students.

[Assessment & Curriculum Design Spotlight] Keeping an #EducatorFirst Perspective

Since last summer, I’ve been using the hashtag “#EducatorFirst” with my curriculum team and other Edmentum colleagues and on social media. Many people light up at the idea of putting educators first when it comes to discussing education and building educational technology.

[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware's New Science Courses

At its core, the discipline of science is all about exploring, observing, collecting data, explaining patterns, making predictions, and drawing conclusions. It’s no wonder that people often scratch their heads at the thought of taking a science course virtually. How do you employ these (often tactile) scientific elements virtually?

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