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Get to Know Our EdOptions Academy Teachers: Andrew Dill

Virtual teachers are not robots – I repeat – virtual teachers are not robots. At least this is the case at EdOptions Academy. The teachers are from your state, often from neighboring districts. They are licensed classroom teachers with at least three years of classroom experience, and they receive extensive training in online education and virtual instruction after joining the EdOptions Academy team.

[Meet the Team] The Minnesota Team Behind It All

What some people may not know is that one of our two headquarters is located in Bloomington, Minnesota—Land of 10,000 lakes, the Mall of America, and the almost Super Bowl contenders, the Vikings (too soon?). However, our ties to Minnesota run deeper than state slogans, landmarks, and sometimes disappointing sports teams. So, let’s peel back a few layers and explore our roots as a Minnesota-based company.

Minnesota Administrators’ Ultimate Guide to Planning for the 2018–19 School Year

With Minnesota’s ESSA plan approved by the U.S. Department of Education, planning for the 2018–19 school year is top of mind for district and school administrators. To support you in the planning process, we've assembled a curated list of our best resources aligned to goals outlined by MDE and the Minnesota ESSA plan.

5 Ways to Keep Students Learning This Summer with Edmentum Courseware and EdOptions Academy

The much-anticipated summer break is almost upon us. And, while most students will be attempting to forget about school, summer is the most opportune time to earn credits that are needed to catch up, explore something new, or even plan for the fall.

Classroom Strategies to Support Advanced Learners at All Grade Levels

Every week you work hard at meticulously creating meaningful lesson plans for your students. However, regardless of how much planning you do, there will be a student (or two) who will finish the assignment or lesson early. You’ll hear the ‘I’m done!” commentary halfway through your slotted assignment time. So, what do you do for these students?

[Career and Technical Education] 7 Key Terms to Know

As is true of all niches within education, there’s no shortage of buzzwords, acronyms, and definitions related to Career and Technical Education (CTE) for administrators and instructors to keep straight. In honor of CTE Month, we’ve rounded up the most important terms in the field today to help you stay on top of the latest trends.

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