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[Edmentum’s Commitment] Announcing Our Partnership with Ward’s Science

Edmentum is proud to have partnered with Ward’s Science to offer lab kits for our newly released science courses, Biology and Earth and Space Science.

[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware Pacing, Progress, and Performance

This summer, we released several enhancements to the Edmentum Courseware application, including brand-new features to improve the way educators access and utilize data and new

[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware’s New Algebra Course

Did you know that algebra is one of the most failed courses for high school students? To learn what students need to achieve success, we conducted extensive research around best practices in delivering online math instruction, and designed our new algebra course to meet those needs.

[Product Update] Exciting New Enhancements Coming to Courseware

Edmentum Courseware is introducing new features designed to enhance the way educators utilize data, support students, and communicate results with various stakeholders.

How Online Courses Can Help Achieve Graduation Goals

When effectively integrated into a learning environment, online courses can give students even more choices in what they take, options in how they consume the content, and opportunities to learn in different ways through the engaging online curriculum.

Improving Student Outcomes with Interim Assessments: What, Why, and How

Interim assessment programs can be an effective strategy for schools and districts to monitor student progress and work towards a variety of instructional, predictive, and evaluative goals.

Assessment Literacy – A Back-to-School Priority for All

Over the last seven years, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Obama administration have been working diligently on four main education reform efforts:

1. Adopt college-and-career-ready standards and high-quality, valid and reliable assessments for all students.

[Four Assessment Trends] Moving to Next-Generation Assessment Systems

President Obama’s signature education grant program Race to the Top has brought significant changes to the US education system. Race to the Top centers on four major reforms: adopting rigorous standards, building actionable data systems to measure student growth, developing and retaining effective educators, and turning around our lowest-achieving schools.

Lessons from the Field, Part 1

Over 5 million students have had an “official” opportunity to experience how the new PARCC and SBAC assessments will operate, while educators and district leaders are evaluating their preparedness to administer online assessments.

The Nuts and Bolts of the new SAT® Test

My youngest niece graduates from high school in a couple of months, and in talking with her about the future, I had a chance to reflect on my preparation for college, specifically on the admissions process and testing requirements.  Test prep for me was a family affair; I spent numerous hours under the tutelage of my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends with the expectation of ga

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