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Digital Curriculum and Generation Z: The Research Behind the Learning Style of Today’s Students

Learning preferences are more shaped by generational differences than you may expect. Our research team recently released a new white paper on the Research Base and Instructional Design of Edmentum Digital Curriculum that details how our online courses support the unique needs of today's learners.

Research at Edmentum: Using Exact Path to Drive Growth for English Language Learners

Meeting the diverse needs of English language learners is a key challenge for administrators and classroom teachers. Edmentum Exact Path was designed to support the kind of individualized instruction these students need, and now the program's efficacy has been backed up with a WIDA PRIME V2 correlation!

Research at Edmentum: Teaming Up with Marzano Research to Understand How Study Island Drives Student Growth

If you are a fan of Dr. Robert J. Marzano, you probably have some idea of why I was so excited to write this blog post. Marzano is a leading researcher in education. He is the author of more than 40 books and over 300 articles, and he is currently the chief academic officer of Marzano Research.

Lexile Reading Levels in Edmentum Exact Path: Tips to Organize Your Classroom Library

Summer means re-setting and reorganizing for teachers. Find out how we've partnered with Meta Metrics to include Lexile Reading levels in Edmentum Exact Path, and how that can help you as you work on sprucing up your classroom library for next year!

Customization, Curriculum, and Collaboration: Going Beyond the Stereotypes of Online Learning

Online courses are a flexible tool that teachers can utilize to meet a variety of student needs, taking a variety of different approaches.

Re-Thinking the Importance of Industry Partnerships in Career and Technical Education

Successful CTE initiatives require careful planning, close collaboration with industry and curriculum providers, as well as high-quality ongoing training.

Customization in Edmentum Courseware: Making Sure That Your Online Courses Are at the “Just Right” Level

Edmentum Courseware's stadards-aligned content coupled with flexible tools for customization help educators modify and personalize our online courses to fit their specific curriculum and student needs.

[Courseware Update] Enhanced Graphic Learner Progress Feature

We're excited to introduce the new-and-improved Graphic Learner Progress enhancement to help Plato Courseware educators monitor student progress and provide effective interventions.

[Plato Courseware Year in Review] Edmentum Partnerships

At Edmentum, we’re committed to developing important relationships that help us to grow as an organization and enhance the work we do with our customers. That’s why we invest in and are very proud of our work with organizations like WebbAlign® and Quality Matters™.

[ISTE 2016] Expanding Student Options with Core, Elective, and Career Courses

Visit Edmentum at ISTE to learn about strategies for implementing blended and personalized learning with our Courseware solutions!

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