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[Product Update] Reading Eggs is Receiving a Powerful Data Refresh!

Edmentum’s learn-to-read program, Reading Eggs, is making it even easier for you to monitor reading progress and proficiency by launching a brand-new data dashboard!

Building Classroom Community and Citizenship on Constitution Day: Free Resources!

September 17, 1787, marks the date on which the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the United States Constitution. Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is a wonderful opportunity to teach your students about the value of citizenship and the importance of working together.

10 Study Island Features You Need To Know About

After combing through items from this summer’s release and adding in a few lesser-known customer favorites, we’ve arrived at 10 of Study Island's best features that will enrich your classroom teaching and drive your students’ success.

10 Tips for Navigating IEP Meetings for the General Education Elementary Teacher

Individualized Education Program meetings, or IEP meetings, represent a key step in a larger, more complex process to address a child’s unique learning needs, and general education teachers are an essential part of the IEP team.

Back-to-School Teacher Toolkit: Free Classroom Resources to Help Get to Know Your New Students!

As you gear up for the new school year, check out EducationCity’s FREE Back-to-School Toolkit, which includes lots of exciting resources to help you get to know your new class and the EducationCity gang!

Implementing New Technology in the Elementary Classroom

With a bit of preparation, a little patience, and some power strips, you can help your students get comfortable with using devices and online programs in your elementary classroom.

9 Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Communication

You know communication between teachers and parents is vital, but how do you actually make time for regular interactions to build those critical relationships? Here are nine tips to help you establish successful lines of communication.

7 Essential Elements Every Elementary Classroom Needs

Before you head back to school to unpack your boxes and gear up for the new school year, consider these seven key elements that every dynamic 21st century elementary classroom needs to have to be successful.

DIY Projects You Have to Try If You Teach Elementary School

What teacher doesn’t love scrolling through Pinterest for awesome lesson ideas, classroom decoration inspiration, organizational tips, and everything in between? But, during the busy school year, it’s hard enough to find the time to eat three meals a day, let alone invest hours jumping into every project you come across online.

How Chronic Absenteeism Affects Student Achievement

When school absences become a pattern, the negative impacts quickly add up. We're taking a close look at what chronic absenteeism is, how it affects student achievement, and what's being done to address the issue.

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