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[Foundational Literacy] 3 Questions About Sight Words Answered

Being familiar with different sight words is critical to every young student's literacy journey.

5 Classroom Activities to Help Students Reflect on Learning

Taking time with your class to look back on the past year you’ve spent together is a great strategy to part ways on a high note before the summer begins, and it also helps your students reflect on their academic progress.

[Classroom Management] 4 Tips for Teachers to Make the Last Few Weeks of School Count

The countdown to the last day of school has begun. Summer vacation is just around the corner, and with each passing day, your students are getting more and more excited for the summer camps, playdates, and free time they know are almost within reach. Unfortunately for educators, as your students’ focus shifts to the promise of summer fun, their attention spans wane.

[Foundational Literacy] Building Your Elementary Classroom Library

The best way to develop literacy skills in young readers is to simply get them reading. Building your own classroom library is a great way to encourage kids to look for books that interest them, explore new topics, and become proficient, independent readers.

[Foundational Literacy Skills] Why Reading By the Third Grade Really Matters

Reflecting back on our own formative years, we don’t normally think about the third grade as a milestone in life. Most of us can remember the names of our teachers, who our friends were, a funny story or two, and not much else.

[Test Preparation] 6 Tips for Teachers to Help Students Manage Stress

Testing season inevitably means classroom stress will hit a new high. Help students stay cool, calm, and collected for a successful testing season with these six tips!

How Teachers Can Introduce and Implement Academic Parent-Teacher Teams in the Classroom

The Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) model isn’t just the latest trend in classrooms across the country; it’s a great way to refresh the traditional parent-teacher conference in a way that’s productive and beneficial for you, your students, and their caregivers.

Five Reasons to Incorporate Literacy Stations in Your Elementary Classroom

Literacy stations are a flexible model to help your students to become strong readers by providing meaningful, ongoing practice and application of literacy skills including reading, writing, listening, fluency, and vocabulary.

4 Tips to Use Student Data for More Productive Parent-Teacher Conferences

Sharing the right student data with parents when conference time rolls around can help you paint a clearer picture of each child's process, and give parents meaningful strategies to help their child continue making improvements.

Your Children and Exams: A Survival Guide for Parents

Studying is a learned skill, and all children are going to do it a little differently. If your children are about to start cramming for their midterm or end-of-semester exams, here are a few things every parent can do at home to help them become champion test-takers.

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