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Top 5 Test Prep Tips for Adult Learners

Preparing for testing isn't easy! That is why we have put together some useful tips that will guide you to help your learners prepare for high-stakes testing.

[10 District Tips] Improve Test Scores

Prepare educators and students in your district for success this testing season with these 10 tips.

17 Quick Tips for Your Credit Recovery Program

Running a credit recovery program comes with many challenges, but it is vital to your students' and school's success. Here are 17 tips for implementing an effective program.

[4 Testing Tips] Special Populations Preparation

Testing is stressful for everyone, but it can be especially trying for special populations and their educators. These four tips will help you prepare for a smooth, successful fall testing season with your special population students.

[Special Education] 10 Questions to Ask When Selecting Technology for Your Program

No two online special education programs are the same. Make sure you are choosing one that will fit your district’s or school’s needs by considering these questions.

How-To: Four Ways to Put Your Testing Data to Good Use

So you have your student data back from the standardized tests. Maybe the results were great, or maybe the results were not so great. Either way, you should use that data to drive planning for the next school year. Below are just a few of the ways you can put the data you have to good use.

Summer Intervention

Five Things That Will Derail Your Summer School Program

We at Edmentum help thousands of schools prepare for and administer summer school programs, and we are often asked, “What are pitfalls we need to avoid?” Well look no further! We have compiled a few of them right here.

Summer School Top Ten Tips

Summer school presents unique challenges, with special populations, abbreviated timelines and teacher preparation, to name a few. We here at Edmentum help help thousands of schools prepare and administer summer school programs, and we are often asked, “What are your top tips?” Well look no further; we have compiled our top ten tips right here! 

FREE Reading Month Classroom Activities

It’s national reading month, and we want to help you celebrate! We pulled three FUN reading activities from Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress that you can use in your classroom. So, go ahead and save yourself some much needed time and energy and download our activities below.

[10 Classroom Tips] Improve Test Scores

5 day-of-testing tips, 4 assessment preparation best practices, and a DOK levels resource

5 Day-of-Testing Tips
Believe it or not, there are things you can do the day of the test to improve scores on high-stakes exams. Below are a few ways to improve scores.

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