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[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware Reporting Updates

Wmake it a priority to offer educators using our Courseware plenty of ways make the most of their data through intuitive, high-quality, easily consumable reports. In this post, we'll review a few of our core reports as well as several brand-new reporting options released this winter as a direct result of educator feedback.

[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware User Interface

In the new age of accountability, we know visibility and access to data are critical components of all educators’ work to provide students with guidance toward achieving their goals.

4 Ways Edmentum Assessments Can Support Students During Times of Transition

Whether students are at the turning point of a grade-level promotion, require additional tutoring are in need of summer support, or are making the big move to high school, transitions are inevitable. Edmentum Assessments can help build students’ confidence as they prepare for each new venture by providing individualized, data-driven instruction.

Exploring the Latest Trend in STEM Learning: Seals, Certifications, and Other Endorsements

Education is changing fast, and STEM learning may be changing even faster. For many, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing options related to STEM learning, including certificates, seals, and concentration opportunities for students at the high school level. We’re breaking down what they look like, what value they’re providing, and what the future of STEM endorsements may entail.

[Product Update] A Sneak Peek at Edmentum’s New Algebra Course

We can't wait to release a brand new flagship algebra course for the Edmentum Courseware library this summer! Take a sneak peek at the content this course will include, as well as our process to develop it!

[Summer Learning] Building Real-World Health & Fitness Skills with Online Courses Powered by Carone Learning

Edmentum's recently expanded library of online health and fitness courses powered by Carone Learning can help educators provide students with engaging, applicable summer learning experiences to catch up, get ahead, or fulfill graduation requirements.

Edmentum’s Commitment to Quality Content: Highlighting our State & Third Party Course Approvals

We work hard to make sure our Plato Courseware online courses are up to date with relevant standards, and regularly submit our courses to be reviewed by state departments of education and independent national review organizations to be placed on both recommended and required course lists.

[CTE Month] Building Partnerships for Success

February is the Association for Career and Technical Education’s CTE Month™, and we at Edmentum could not be more excited to celebrate! We know that CTE expands horizons and opens up a world of possibility for learners, which is why it is a top priority for us.

10 Ideas for Online Health & Fitness Instruction with Edmentum & Carone Learning

We're excited to expand our health and fitness course options through our new partnership with Carone Learning! Here are ten ideas to make the most of these online courses, whether your students are working in a blended classroom model, in a fully virtual environment, or from home.

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