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Top 5 Time Saving Lesson Planning Tips for Teachers

Ever feel like your weekend is basically one extended lesson planning session?

For many teachers, weekend plans are too frequently set aside to spend time scouring YouTube for the right video to introduce your next unit or poring over Pinterest for the perfect independent practice aligned to standards.

Literacy Instruction in the Early Primary Grades: One South Carolina School’s Experience

In Winnsboro, South Carolina, one Title I elementary school is committed to helping its youngest students become proficient readers. Here's how they're leveraging technology and an individualized approach to make it happen.

100 Days Smarter: 20 Ideas to Celebrate the 100th Day of School in Your Elementary Classroom

The 100th day of school is an exciting milestone to reach in every elementary classroom. We’ve put together 20 of our favorite activities across all subject areas (plus some just-for-fun additions) to help you and your students enjoy this special day!

Searching for a Student Growth Assessment: Virginia DOE Awards Contract to Exact Path

We’re proud to announce that Edmentum Exact Path was just awarded a 3-year contract by the Virginia Department of Education for use as a student growth assessment. We're taking a closer look at the criteria Exact Path was evaluated against, as well as what this means for Virginia educators.

6 Best Practice Tips to Design a Classroom Contest That Works

Whether you’re trying to hold students’ attention in the weeks leading up to a break or to squeeze in some extra practice before high-stakes testing, a classroom or schoolwide contest may be just the ticket to give students that extra boost they need make real learning progress.

4 Questions Answered About Exact Path Building Blocks

In the context of our K-8 individualized learning program, Exact Path, a Building Block is a lesson that targets a particular prerequisite skill and is introduced into the student’s learning path when remediation is needed. Today, we’ll examine Building Blocks by answering four key questions you may have about this exciting new feature.

[Study Island Feature Focus] Create Customizable Built Tests

We've launched even more updates to Study Island's popular Built Tests feature to support customized classroom assessment!

[Feature Focus] Exact Path Assignments

For current Exact Path customers, we know you’re putting the power of our adaptive diagnostic assessment to work 2-4 times a year to automatically create high-quality learning paths that include content arranged along a valid progression of K-12 curriculum. Now, we want to give you even more flexibility to search for additional content, build just-in-time assignments, and drive meaningful intervention.

[Study Island Feature Focus] Create Customizable Built Tests

Study Island's Test Builder feature allows teachers and administrators to easily create, customize, and share unique Built Tests that leverage questions from a pool of over 600,000 high-quality instructional items.

7 Tips for Success Using Study Island Practice

When Study Island is used regularly just 30 minutes a week, per subject, the program produces significant growth outcomes for students. How can you make results like this a reality for your learners? Here are seven things you should know to ensure success using Study Island for practice.

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