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[Weekly EdNews Round Up] The Ripple Effect of West Virginia Teacher’s Victory

After nine days, the teacher’s strike in West Virginia finally came to a close on Tuesday when state lawmakers reached a deal to raise teacher salaries by 5 percent. But even though the walkout is over in West Virginia, a national movement may have just begun. Read about this topic and more in this week’s Ed News Round Up.

14 Read-Aloud Books That Educators Love

At Edmentum, we know a lot about the magic of reading aloud to a classroom full of students, and we have years of experience inspiring imaginations and adventures through books. After all, we’re fortunate enough to say that many members of the Edmentum organization have spent years of their careers serving as educators. In celebration of National Reading Month this March, we’ve asked them to recount some of their most memorable reading experiences from their days in the classroom.

[Weekly EdNews Round Up] How to Talk with Kids About Terrible Things

It can be hard to talk with your students when terrible things occur, like following the recent tragedy in the Parkland, Florida community. But as a teacher, you have the power to empathize with your students about what they are feeling and try to help them cope with the uncertainty. Check out headlines that touch on this and more in this week’s EdNews Round Up.

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