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4 Ways to Keep Students Learning This Summer with Study Island

Most students lose two months of math skills every summer, and two-thirds of the achievement gap in reading between low-income students and their middle-income peers can be attributed to summer learning loss in elementary school. Why accept summer learning loss when you can fight it with Study Island? You can use Study Island to run a completely virtual summer learning program consisting of skills practice in all core content areas, as well as additional activities in writing and reading.

Texas Administrators' Ultimate Guide to Planning for the 2018–19 School Year

With Texas' ESSA plan now approved by the U.S. Department of Education, aside from ensuring STAAR administrations run smoothly, planning for the 2018-2019 school year is top of mind for district and school administrators. To support you in the planning process, we've assembled a curated list of our best resources aligned to goals outlined by TEA and the Texas ESSA plan.

The National School Walkout: A Powerful Lesson in Activism & Civil Engagement

When I taught 5th grade, one of the topics that I loved teaching my students the most was the Civil Rights Movement. Most of my students were the children of first generation immigrants to the United States so their exposure to U.S. history was often limited to what they learned in school.

Managing Bad Weather Days: 4 Ways Educators Can Use Study Island to Keep Students from Falling Behind

If you are using Study Island in your classroom, your students have access to a program that they can use anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection. Here are four ways that you can use Study Island to keep your students practicing and learning even when school is out for inclement weather.

Managing Bad Weather Days: 5 Ways Educators Can Use Edmentum Courseware to Keep Students from Falling Behind

With Edmentum Courseware, instruction doesn't have to stop when school doors close due to inclement weather--students have access to engaging pedagogically sound curriculum anytime, from anywhere they have an internet connection.

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