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Credit Recovery Changes Lives: The Importance of Graduation in the U.S.

High school graduation is of critical importance to the prospects of students in the United States. For many, the national graduation rate is the ultimate measurement of the effectiveness of the nation’s school system, which is why it is important to periodically check in with the available stations in the U.S. and to determine what can be done to make sure that every student has as bright a future as possible.

3 Ways to Ensure Fidelity in Your Next Edtech Implementation

Every teacher is in favor of tools that can help students succeed. Yet, many districts and administrators fail to make that case to the rank and file when adopting new education technology. Instead, they either mandate that the product be used and encroach on the teachers’ autonomy or make a short announcement about the new tool with little to no instruction on how it works, which means few, if any, teachers are using it later in the school year. Here are some ways to avoid either scenario and make sure that you get the most return on your investment.

5 Alternatives to In-School Suspension

Research has shown that when it comes to education, seat time equates to success. These results are causing many schools and districts to reevaluate their approaches to discipline, particularly any forms that remove the student from the classroom for an extended period of time. While there are certain behaviors that will always merit such a response, there are ways of instructing a child on appropriate school behaviors while minimizing disruption to the student’s educational programming.

The Quick Start Guide to Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) can seem like a tremendous undertaking, requiring hours of planning and creativity well beyond the bounds of a standard lesson. For some teachers, that may be true. But, it is possible to dip a toe into PBL without upending your entire curriculum and pacing guide, as long as you stay realistic and systematic. Here’s how.

Edmentum Partner Spotlight: Capac Virtual Education Program, Capac, MI

Sometimes, it only takes the right teachers with the right tools to foster lasting change in students. Such is the case in the rural village of Capac, Michigan, where Capac Community School District’s virtual education program is helping students in 6th through 12th grades realize their goals and find the value in education success. We recently caught up with the head of the Capac Virtual Education Program (CVEP), Tami Zimmer, to find out how it uses Edmentum Courseware and EdOptions Academy virtual courses to provide students with opportunities that would not be available otherwise. She brought her best practices and her knowledge of Edmentum products with her from a previous district.

Grading Strategies That Replace Letters and Numbers

More educators, schools, and districts are rethinking how students progress through a curriculum and how to show that progress to stakeholders. It brings up the question: what is the purpose of grades anyway? Once you start asking that question, it’s easy to start considering other grading systems and methods of assessment.

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