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The Skills Every Student Needs for a Successful Grade Transition

As we roll through the summer, it’s time to start thinking about how students can be best positioned for success when that first school bell rings. Some grade transitions are more difficult than others, like going from elementary to middle school, but the students who have mastered the following intangible skills will handle any transition more smoothly than their peers.

How to Retain Your Most Promising Teachers

The nation is experiencing a teacher shortage that is only expected to grow. Although district funding is rising, teacher raises tend to only cover the rate of inflation. Therefore, retaining promising educators is a paramount challenge for administrators that takes some outside-the-box thinking. Here are a few tips to help keep your best teachers on staff.

The Administrator’s Guide to Interviewing for Intangibles

Filling slots in the teaching world is a necessary task for a school leader. Colleagues retire, move away, or unfortunately, leave the profession. As we all know, teaching is a very unique profession, and it’s important to find the intangibles within candidates that can signify success. Here are some things to look for as you’re interviewing this summer.

5 Activities for the Last Day of School

Although it may seem trivial, the last day of school can be a challenge. The work of the school year is (probably) done, and students (mistakenly) believe summer has already started. That can lead to wayward behaviors if you can’t keep students occupied. If you fall into this category and feel that using a movie would be mailing it in, here are some ideas to make the last day as fruitful as the other 175-plus days.

The Teachers’ Summer Reading List 2018

Summer break is the best time to grow and learn as a teacher. If you pick the right books, you can work on your professional development at the pool!

Every year, we look at the hot topics in education and society and then highlight some books that can help you grasp the concepts so that you can return to school a more enlightened teacher. Here are our top five picks for summer 2018:

Helping Students See This Year’s Growth

Making it through a school year in itself is an accomplishment. The years may fly by for you as a teacher, but there were points where the students believed that June would never get here. Although all they may want to do is look forward, it’s important for your students to see how they’ve grown in their skills during the course of the year and celebrate their successes, no matter how small.

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