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How Edmentum Courseware Is Meeting University of California “a-g” Standards

Edmentum works closely with the University of California and the California DOE to make sure that our online courses meet the rigorous "a-g" standards designed to ensure that students attain the breadth and depth of general knowledge to be successful in advanced studies.

Hot Off the Press! Secondary At-Risk Students’ Online Course Self-Confidence Levels

Our state and federal programs manager, Shane Dennison, recently published a book detailing his research on at-risk students' self-confidence levels and outcomes in online courses. Read on for a sneak peek at the book and four strategies to improve student outcomes that Shane's research uncovered!

Required Student Interaction and Online Courses

Live chat, class discussion boards, email, webinars, and virtual field trips are all samples of online course interactions that have become staples over the past 10 years. Are they all needed for online student success? Or is it primarily the frequency and/or the application of a substantial grade percentage that needs to be changed to existing modes of online interactions between students and instructors?

Required Student Interaction & Online Courses: Can Less Can Be More?

What is the appropriate balance of expected student-to-student interaction and/or student-to-instructor interaction in online courses? When are such interactions needed for community building and overall student success, and when is too much too much, consequently pulling the student away from the goal of successful completion of the course assignments/assessments?

Teacher Challenges

As discussed in my previous blog, Common Core standards, and related assessments coming down the pike have become a political tug of war. How will this tug of war affect teachers and what are some of the challenges they are facing with the Common Core?

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