EdOptions Academy Takes Another Significant Step Forward

EdOptions Academy Takes Another Significant Step Forward

There are many keys to student success in an online learning environment. One of the most critical is communication. Without proper communication processes, procedures, and technological ability, an otherwise great online curriculum could fail before it even gets off the ground.  Communication was a top priority when we began EdOptions Academy.  EdOptions Academy grew due to its focus on communication along with great customer service and a great learning management system.  Now EdOptions Academy has taken the next step in the realm of communications, a step to take our online school to the next level.

EdOptions has added Blackboard Collaborate to our chest of tools. Blackboard Collaborate is an amazing tool that will allow better communications between all parties involved in the Academy.  Synchronous communication through this tool will allow for faster action by Academy personnel and result in a better user experience.  Here are some of the items Blackboard Collaborate will allow the Academy to do:

  1. Basic communications among all Academy parties
  • One on one communications using IM, phone, or video
  • Conferencing among a group of students and a teacher
  • Conferencing among a group of teachers or administrators
  • Scheduled parent conferencing
  • Academy administrators ability to have a student/site coordinator conference
  1. Whiteboard options that will allow communication plus teaching
  • One on one tutoring or group learning     
  • All parties collaborating together on the whiteboard 
  • Ability to view one participant’s desk top view
  • Ability to access the Internet  within collaboration mode

EdOptions Academy will release Blackboard Collaborate this coming summer (2013). In the meantime, we will continue to make sure all processes and procedures are in place.  Our goal is to maximize this tool to make sure that the student experience is the best that it can be and leads to their success.