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[EducationCity Feature Focus] Dive into NEW Content

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 -- Madison Michell

Edmentum’s pre-K through 6th grade teaching and learning program, EducationCity, is continuously updated with new and improved resources to support student learning. If you’re familiar with EducationCity content, then you already know it’s built using expert animation, a familiar cast of characters, and relatable storylines to introduce and reinforce rigorous concepts. But, have you dug into some of the latest Activities and Learn Screens recently released in the product?

Today, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite recent additions to EducationCity to help you better understand the resources available in this robust elementary solution. And, we’ll let you in on a little secret—no matter your subject subscription, you always have access to the latest and greatest from the Teacher Area, using the New Content tab.

A to Ski, Symmetry in Letters – 4th Grade Math

Describe this new content.

This is an Activity, which includes a short instructional component followed by 10 questions to help students practice recognizing lines of symmetry in capital letters.

EducationCity A to Ski Symmetry Activity

What makes this activity unique?

Join Sten and Emma as they hit the ski slopes and discuss symmetry. Emma catches a snowflake and begins telling Sten how it’s so perfect on all sides. Then, Sten introduces the concept of symmetry through a series of visual examples and nonexamples to help clarify the new vocabulary. This relatable introduction prompts student to access prior knowledge to help ensure success on the practice questions.

How can I use this resource in the classroom?

After introducing the concept of symmetry and engaging in some whole-class practice, assign students this activity for additional reinforcement. When they’re ready to begin practicing, they can watch the short instructional piece as a reminder, or skip it and jump right in to show what they know.

Stinky Possessives, Forming and Using Possessives – 3rd Grade Language Arts

Describe this new content.

This is a Learn Screen, which is a self-paced video tutorial used to help provide instruction and support introduction of a new concept.

EducationCity Stinky Possessives Learn Screen

What makes this activity unique?

In this activity Stig and Emma are paired up to help sort out their friends’ clean belongings after Granny had to wash them because a skunk sprayed them. The two begin by jotting down who’s stuff should go where, but quickly enter into a conversation about possessives and how to identify them and write them correctly to show ownership. The friendly conversation in the midst of a silly situation helps shed light on the concept in a fun and interesting way.

How can I use this resource in the classroom?

Learn Screens are fantastic tools to help you introduce a new concept when you’re beginning a new unit or standard. Additionally, they can be very helpful tools if students need a refresher after an absence or when working at home. Simply assign a Learn Screen and ensure your students have meaningful instructional support before they begin applying their knowledge.

County Fair, Measures of Center and Variability – 6th Grade Math

Describe this new content.

This is an Activity, which includes a short instructional component followed by 12 questions to help students show what they know about mean, median, mode, and range.

EducationCity County Fair Measures Activity

What makes this activity unique?

This Activity takes us to the farm, where Chip is found hard at work measuring vegetables that have been entered in different County Fair competitions. This activity presents various fair submissions, and challenges students to be the judge in order to find all four measures—mean, median, mode, and range—using the same set of data. Technology-enhanced items and immediate feedback scaffold learning as students apply their understanding of measures of center and variability.

How can I use this resource in the classroom?

This is a great challenge activity to help students practice recalling how to find measures of center and variability, differentiating between all four terms to seek out the correct answer. The short introduction additionally provides a nice reminder using instructor-led modeling before allowing students to dive in for themselves.

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