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Kindergarten Readiness: How Parents Can Prepare Children for the Academic Basics with Novabods

Friday, September 15, 2017 -- Lindsay Coles

For many parents of four- and five-year-olds, there comes a point in the year when preparing for kindergarten becomes top of mind. Although “soft” skills such as social cooperation, following directions, and self-awareness are all equally important for kindergarteners, it’s key for parents to work with young children on basic academic skills too, such as counting and reading.

In the fields of language and literacy, as well as mathematics, children show widely varying levels of readiness when reaching the kindergarten stage. Some can write their names and recite the alphabet, while others will be mastering how to hold a pencil and count to 10.

So, what can parents do to make sure that their child enters kindergarten with a solid foundation to for his or her first formal academic experiences? Here are five skills sets to focus on with the help of Novabods—a new learning game from Edmentum!

Language & Literacy

Letter recognition: When kindergarten starts, students should be able to recognize a range of letters and the sounds that letters make. Novabods offers a number of games to help children with literacy. For instance, our interactive game called Meet an Alien provides perfect practice for using letter-sound relationships to spell words, and Going Spare is ideal for helping children match lowercase letters to their sounds.

Novabods Meet an Alien Activity

Novabods Going Spare Activity

Basic rhyme & reading readiness: Children should know that when you read in English, you read from left to right and top to bottom. Students should also possess a basic understanding of rhymes. With the Novabods Song Studio and activities, children can develop these foundational skills. Below is an example of the Clap Your Hands and Going to Sea

Novabods Song Studio Clap Your Hands

Novabods Song Studio Going to Sea


Shape recognition: Children should be able to recognize shapes, sizes, and colors. With the Bar-B-Shapes and Shape Arts activities within Novabods, children can practice their shape recognition with targeted shape questions as like the ones shown below.

Novabods Bar-B-Shapes Activity

Novabods Shape Arts Activity

Counting: When kindergarten begins, children should be able to count to 10 aloud and have basic number sense. The Ten Brown Owls song in the Novabods Song Studio on and the Bon-Go Go Go! activity are perfect practice for helping children master counting to 10 in a fun way.

Novabods Song Studio Ten Brown Owls

Novabods Bon-Go Go Go! Activity

Addition and subtraction: Children going into kindergarten benefit from having a basic knowledge of addition and subtraction. Novabods features the engaging Five Currant Buns song and the Shepherd Sten mission to help younger learners with addition and subtraction from 5.

Novabods Five Currant Buns Activity

Novabods Shepherd Sten Mission

More About Novabods

We at Edmentum created Novabods to help parents give their children a head start in the classroom by building key literacy and math skills in a fun, game-based environment. Novabods can take children, starting from the earliest levels, through counting, shape recognition, letter recognition, phonemic awareness skills, and more. Ready to get started? Explore Novabods now!