Plato Courseware Voice Recorder: A New Assessment Feature

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 -- Brianna Pyka

We know that educators use a variety of resources to support learning every day, including tools to check for understanding, support student collaboration, share concepts, and even build community. At Edmentum, we’re committed to creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs. To us, that means ensuring we consistently provide ways to engage learners with enhanced features like Voice Recorder in Plato Courseware.

What is Voice Recorder?

Voice recorder is a tool for educators and learners who use Courseware’s world language and English language arts courses. Since this tool has so many uses we’ve made it available in all courses. Edmentum’s voice recorder provides the opportunity to grade or submit assignments with recorded audio of any spoken language. Educators can also assess content standards using this digital audio. The voice recorder can be used in teacher graded activities, for supplemental use to enhance current assignments as well as to address student accommodations.

Plato Courseware Voice Recorder Tool

How can I use Voice Recorder?

Learners can easily record themselves to demonstrate understanding or mastery of a world language as well as other subjects like English language arts. Recordings can be up to 7 minutes and 30 seconds long and can be saved within the learner’s File Folder in Courseware. Let’s explore two specific use cases for the voice recorder.

Enhance and Supplement Assessment of Speaking and Listening Standards 

The voice recorder was originally designed to support activities in world language courses, however it was clear that the voice recorder would be beneficial in other courses like, English language arts. The voice recorder can enhance current assignments by allowing for submission of speaking and listening tasks. For example, in English 11, students must deliver a speech that presents information and supporting evidence from Late 19th Century Realism and Naturalism texts. As previously mentioned, educators can assess content standards utilizing the digital audio.

Plato Courseware Voice Recorder English 11 Objective

Support Student Assessment with Accommodations

The voice recorder feature also provides educators the ability to offer an alternative solution for learners that require accommodations. For example, where appropriate a student in need of accommodation may submit assignments verbally using the voice recorder instead of in written form. An educator and student may also agree on how an assignment could be adapted for the learner to succeed through blending written and verbal completion of the assignment.

Below is a specific example, showing the student view, from English 8B, of the lesson objective and evaluation. Once the student completes the tutorial, which accompanies the objective and essay rubric, the teacher may allow the student to articulate his or her essay verbally in lieu of a written response. Graded Activity rubrics clearly state how a student may articulate completion of the assignment.

Plato Courseware Voice Recorder English 8 Objective

The scoring rubric below is for an assignment where the student must write an essay analyzing a character from a work of fiction. The learner may earn a distinguished score through narrating criteria responses using the voice recorder. The student may simply click on the blue microphone icon and explain which work of fiction was selected, why that source is a neutral viewpoint, and what the source of the work was and the name of the author. To score distinguished the student would further explain why the selected internet site is well organized, how the online article was reviewed, and present convincing reasons for the article choice.

Plato Courseware Voice Recorder English 8 Rubric

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