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Thursday, December 27, 2012 -- Michelle Lee

Response to Intervention (RTI) models are not all the same and can be defined differently from state to state and school to school. In general, the RTI model is built utilizing a three tier approach. All tiers strive to focus on making students successful on their academic journeys.

So how can Edmentum products maximize the success of this model? Let’s first define the tiers, and then take a look at product implementation examples for different student populations.


In Tier I, all students are monitored to make sure they are making academic and behavior gains. Testing measurements such as universal screeners or state and district tests are instituted to see where differentiated instruction may need to be applied. Testing can give teachers the data showing which students are having difficulties and identify students who may benefit from enrichment or accelerated learning.


In Tier II students that are not showing adequate progress on the core curriculum are offered differentiated instruction with increasing intensity to match each individual skill level. The implementation of Tier II seems to cause the most problems. It is not that there is not agreement that RTI is needed or greatly effective, but rather implementing this tier takes planning to institute a program with fidelity.


In Tier III, students receive individual attention to intensively remediate skill sets. Once a student is moved to this tier, a personal evidence based intervention support path will be made to target deficiencies and measure progress. If a student is not successful in this tier, a referral for special services, or special education can be made.






Provide Learner Centered instruction focused on the needs of individual students

Study Island provides multiple accommodations for special needs students including: option to have text read aloud, text in larger fonts, scratch pad; highlighting, fewer answer choices, more time for assessments, and scientific and standard calculators

Study Island offers content instruction in Spanish for students in grades 3-12

Offers ongoing assessment for meeting classroom, state, and Common Core targets

EducationCity, Reading Eggs, and Reading Eggspress provide interactive graphics and audio features that reinforce topics using different learning techniques

Education City has a Learn English module that provides supplementary language instruction for beginning to intermediate English language learners

Adjust instruction based on student performance, providing additional support in areas of difficulty

EducationCity, Reading Eggs, and Reading Eggspress also utilize engaging characters and avatars, which offer an extra source of positive support for students.

ESL ReadingSmart provides a Spanish translator, allowing students to translate any on-screen text

Inform teachers of student progress, allowing for flexible changes to in-class grouping

 Prescriptive learning environments available with Plato Courseware and Assessments

Edmentum's digital products provide assessment support for English language learners through translators, Spanish modules, and Spanish language assessments

Additional information can be found in our Digital Learning White Paper: Meeting Individual Student Needs through Digital Learning.


Edmentum offers an array of products that can fulfill many, if not all, a school needs when instituting a successful RTI program.

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