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Join Edmentum at ISTE 2017!

Sarah Cornelius

We can't wait for a packed schedule of informative sessions and opportunities to connect with educators at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio!

ISTE Seal of Alignment: How EdOptions Academy Maps to the ISTE Standards

Brianna Pyka

ISTE's Seal of Alignment for Readiness indicates that EdOptions Academy courses focus on teaching students to effectively use technology, and build the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards.

[ISTE 2016] Defining & Implementing Blended Learning

Mark Radcliffe

Join us at ISTE 2016 for a presentation on the kind of truly customized instruction that a blended learning program can enable.

[ISTE 2016] Expanding Student Options with Core, Elective, and Career Courses

Shannan LaMalfa

Visit Edmentum at ISTE to learn about strategies for implementing blended and personalized learning with our Courseware solutions!

[ISTE 2016] Targeting Student Interests & Expanding Learning Opportunities with CTE

Casey Stone

Join us at ISTE 2016 for an in-booth presentation where we'll discuss how CTE can be used to target student interests and expand learning opportunities!

[ISTE 2016] Formative Assessment—Turning Data into Action

Regina Waddell

Stop by the Edmentum booth at ISTE 2016 for a session on effectively implementing formative assessment strategies in the classroom

[ISTE 2016] Personalized Learning—Beyond the Buzzword

Madison Michell

Personalized learning is arguably the hottest topic in education right now, and at ISTE 2016, we'll be taking the chance to dig deep into key tools and strategies!

[ISTE 2016] Getting Ready for Three Days of Inspiration and Learning

Sarah Cornelius

ISTE 2016 is less than a month away, and we at Edmentum couldn't be more excited to take part and share all that we're exploring at this year's conference!

[Professional Development] Your Summer Education Convention Schedule

Scott Sterling

There are dozens of conferences held over the summer to help educators learn, network, and achieve their professional development goals. Here are five of our favorites.

[ISTE Standards] Answers to Today's Education Whys

Mindy Frisbee

We welcome Mindy Frisbee of ISTE as a guest author on our blog to offer a close look at the ISTE standards, the ISTE Seal of Alignment, and how Edmentum's EdOptions Academy fits within both programs.

ISTE Standards: Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy Receives Seal of Alignment for Readiness

Ryan Jansen

We’re very excited to announce that Edmentum's EdOptions Academy recently received ISTE’s Seal of Alignment for Readiness, recognizing it as an outstanding resource for acquiring the skills and knowledge that are outlined in the globally recognized ISTE Standards.