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[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware's New Science Courses

Christy Spivey

At its core, the discipline of science is all about exploring, observing, collecting data, explaining patterns, making predictions, and drawing conclusions.

[Parent Tips] Building Your Children’s Confidence in STEM Skills

Elaine Ho

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills are critical to students' success beyond the classroom. Here's five ways parents can make sure kids are building and gaining confidence in these skills at home.

Celebrating Pi Day: Finding Math in the Real World

Sarah Cornelius

Pi Day is always a crowd-pleaser with students, largely thanks to classroom celebrations involving a different kind of pie, but it’s also a great chance to point out the more practical value of mathematics in general.

Let’s talk about STEAM!

Ashlee Tatum-Eckley

Traditionally, STEM education has included science, technology, engineering, and math. STEAM is an evolution of that concept that blends the arts into the equation.

Plato CTE Courseware & the Health Sciences Career Cluster

Thomas Boe

The Health Sciences are among the fastest-growing of the 16 Advance CTE Career Clusters. Learn how you can help your students explore this exciting field with online CTE courses from Edmentum!

Education Terms All Parents Should Know

Sarah Cornelius

It can be difficult for parents to decode education-related jargon. We've defined four important terms that all parents should be familiar with - next generation assessments, PBL, maker ed, and DOK!

[Career and Technical Education Month] Big Returns on Small Investments

Brianna Pyka

We’re wrapping up our celebration of ACTE's CTE Month by taking a look at impacts career and technical education makes on students and communities.

Science at Home: Fun Experiments for Parents & Kids

Chris Bentley

Science is cool! If you have any doubts, keep reading.

Our Latest Rock Star: Maryknoll School

Scott Sterling

Learn about Maryknoll School, our latest Edmentum Rock Star School, and their outstanding STEM learning program!

[Bett Show 2016] What We Learned at the U.K.’s Premier Edtech Event

Kristie Lindell

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to attend the Bett Show, an annual gathering of thousands of educators and edtech professionals from around the world. Here's a recap of three important themes we heard about that are as relevant abroad as they are here.

[Computer Programming] Celebrate CSEdWeek and Hour of Code

Sarah Cornelius

December 7th-13th is Computer Science Education Week! Check out the variety of resources available to make coding and computer science accessible and exciting for you students (and you!).