9 Best Practices for Getting Started with BYOD

Sarah Cornelius

Bring your own device programs are becoming more and more popular among schools and districts as a way to better leverage technology and online learning without the financial commitment of a 1:1 mobile program.

[How-To Guide] Getting the Tech You Need in Your Classroom to Personalize Learning

Madison Michell

Over the last few weeks we’ve shared best practices for how teachers can influence the technology purchasing process based on insights and real-life experiences from our own sales and services lead

Teachers’ Influence on the Edtech Purchasing Process: 3 Important Considerations to Bring to Your Administrators

Becky Simon-Burton

You've found a perfect technology solution to support personalized learning - now, how do you convince your administrators of its value? We've put together three tips for productive conversations.

Teachers’ Influence on the Edtech Purchasing Process: 5 Features to Look for in a Personalized Learning Solution

Winnie O'Leary

We've put together the top five features that make personalized learning technology truly effective in the classroom - and that will get the attention of administrators making the final purchasing decisions.

Edtech and Personalized Learning: How Teachers Can Influence the Purchasing Process

Ryan Hagedorn

You’ve found the perfect technology to support personalized learning in your classroom. But, you're not the person managing the checkbook. How can teachers build their argument to get a new solution in the classroom?

Reflecting on iNACOL 2016: Creating Independent Thinkers and Fostering Problem Solvers

Brianna Pyka

We're taking a look back at what we learned during the 2016 iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Strategies to Ensure Student Access to Technology at Home

Shannon LaBree

As technology becomes more and more integral in the classroom, students without access at home face a disadvantage. Here's three strategies to help students overcome the challenge.

The Edmentum Learner Experience: Tools and Features to Engage Students

Brianna Pyka

At Edmentum, we're focused on providing simple technology that offers students and educators an intuitive, easy-to-use, innovative, and flexible platform for learning and teaching.

[Digital Literacy] 4 Tips for Parents to Teach Kids About Responsible Technology Use

Megan Sternke

Working with your child to understand how to use technology thoughtfully and respectfully is key to helping them take full advantage of its benefits.

4 Key Elements of 21st Century Classroom Design

McKenna Wierman

There are lots of great ideas to break out of the traditional classroom design mold and create a space that supports personalized learning and fosters 21st century skills.

[Edmentum’s Commitment] The Evolution of Our Mission and Vision

Rob Rueckl

We're dedicated to our mission of being educators' most trusted partner in creating successful outcomes everywhere learning occurs.