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10 Ideas for Online Health & Fitness Instruction with Edmentum & Carone Learning

10 Ideas for Online Health & Fitness Instruction with Edmentum & Carone Learning

Last month we announced an exciting partnership with Carone Learning, the country’s leading provider of online health, physical education, elective and career courses for elementary, middle, and high school students. Our partnership provides over 65 semesters of K-12 health and fitness options aligned to meet state-specific standards to help students identify their own personal health and fitness plans, and build lifelong healthy habits.

One of the most exciting opportunities our partnership with Carone offers is the ability for educators to create a customized approach to physical education for all learners through Edmentum’s’s Plato Courseware platform. Students working entirely online through Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy, our fully-accredited virtual school, will also be able to take advantage of expanded learning opportunities through Carone’s courses. The options are nearly endless!

Here are 10 ideas to get you started with Edmentum and Carone Learning courses, whether you’re taking a blended approach in the classroom, utilizing a fully online environment, or have students working at home:

In the classroom…

1. Create your own “CrossFit” program activities from Carone fitness-focused courses like Fitness Fundamentals, Advanced Physical Education, and Strength Training.
2. Get your students outdoors (and burning off some energy) by working through curriculum on hiking and orienteering in the Outdoor Sports course.
3. Incorporate mindfulness practices in your classroom with activities that tie together emotional, social, and physical health in courses like Health and Personal Wellness and Family Living and Healthy Relationships.  

In an online environment…

4. Create a coaching or officiating curriculum by combining activities from Carone’s Intro to Coaching and Advanced Physical Education courses with courses on Education and Training from Edmentum’s Plato Courseware. 
5. Pull curriculum and activities from Carone courses to create groups of courses around forms of activity that are less sports-focused, like yoga, aerobics, and low-impact martial arts.
6. Develop unique career pathways for your students within the Career and Technical Education Health Science career cluster, like “Athletic Training” or “Nursing”.

For students at home…

7. Encourage students to recruit their parents and other family members to participate in physical activity and training portions of their Carone courses with them.
8. Use Carone courses as a solution for students who are home or hospital bound to stay engaged in physical activity and meet PE requirements.
9. Suggest that students use technology they already have, like FitBits, step counter apps, or other wearable activity trackers, to take more accurate measurements of their physical activity to record for their Carone courses.
10. Learn CPR through Carone’s Health and Personal Wellness and First Aid and Safety courses—some part-time jobs students hold, like working as kids’ camp counselors, require that skill.

Want to find out more about new health and fitness learning opportunities through Carone Learning for EdOptions Academy and Edmentum’s Coursesware? Check out our complete course catalog!