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10 Phoebe Buffay GIFS to Use as Positive Mantras During this Testing Season

10 Phoebe Buffay GIFS to Use as Positive Mantras During this Testing Season

Teachers have a tendency to be extra hard on themselves during testing season. We could try telling you to be positive and think on the bright side—but instead, we’ll show you with 10 encouraging mantra gifs from the queen of positivity herself: Phoebe Buffay from Friends.

  1. Be confident about your gifts as an educator! It’s not cockiness if you’re actually amazing.

  1. Say to yourself, “It’s ok to say ‘no’ when my bandwidth is stretched thin.” Practice it to yourself as many times as you need, so you’re prepared to say “no” out loud next time you simply don’t have the time (or energy) to help with a favor.

  1. If you want good things to come to you, then you need to release good thoughts and actions into the world.


  1. Carve out space for “you-time” and find ways to relax. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to help your students succeed?


  1. Tell your fellow teachers when they’re doing a great job—including yourself. You’re doing a great job, too.


  1. Tackle this testing season the best way you know how.


  1. Run toward this challenge like you’re headed for something amazing.

  1. Believe that good things are coming for you and your students.


  1. Soon, testing will be over and you’ll get to celebrate. Don’t worry, it’s coming.


  1. And when it comes, we hope you’re as full of glee as Phoebe is in just about anything she does.


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