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10 Teachers Share Their Biggest Wins of the School Year Yet

10 Teachers Share Their Biggest Wins of the School Year Yet

This year, we’ve seen so many students, families and caregivers, school staff and administrators, and educators go above and beyond to accomplish incredible things, even in the face of uncertainty. Edmentum knows how important it is to celebrate success and achievement, which is why we went to our amazing network of educators on Facebook and Twitter and asked you to tell us: what’s a win your school or district has experienced this school year? What are you most proud of so far when it comes to your students? Here are just a few of the amazing responses we received:

  1. “We are 5 days a week face to face...we worked so hard on review and catching kids up from being gone since March! We are now working hard on grade level and doing so well!”
    -Julie T.

  2. “Our school (Title One) has provided all of our students with internet access, Chromebooks and free meals! It is so amazing to be able to support our families.”
    Katie E.

  3. “The fact that our school district made sure all students in grades 4th-12th have Chromebooks and hot spots as need is our big win. I am most proud of my students for logging in every day to our meetings, working hard, never giving up, and being positive about this situation.”
    Whitney C.

  4. “I’m most proud of my students showing up, participating the most comfortable way they can, asking questions, doing their work, responding to feedback, and most importantly - not giving up!”
    Christy G.

  5. “Working with families to support them and students however we can, including bus meal drop offs and pick up locations, tech support, virtual conferences, supplies mailed home.
    Samantha L.

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