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10 Tips from Teachers for De-Stressing and Avoiding Burnout

10 Tips from Teachers for De-Stressing and Avoiding Burnout

The first semester of any school year can feel long, especially because days off in the fall are few and far between compared to the spring. We recently asked teachers on our Facebook page to give us their best advice on how to de-stress and avoid burnout during this time of year. Here are a few of our favorite responses.

1. “Unplug from tech for a couple hours a day...put your phone away, turn off the computer and take off your Apple Watch...just breathe! And maybe enjoy some chocolate. ” – Jamie R.


2. “A small getaway for the weekend. I put up an automatic message for when parents email, letting them know I will get to their questions on Monday.” – Amanda B.


3. “Leave school at school and embrace family time when you get home. Both areas of your life are VIP...Both deserve your attention and your time. Then you can relax and sleep with a healthy conscience!” – Sheri M.


4. “Sometimes you just have to plan a lesson that makes you and the kids smile. Even if standards aren’t involved!” – April L.


5. “I like to treat myself to a massage when I’m feeling stressed. The “‘me time” and relaxation does the body good.” – Danielle H.

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6. “Learn to laugh at yourself...tired teachers make silly mistakes. Let your students know it's ok to do so.” – Jane S.


7. “Cuddling with my cuddledog Joplin!” – Shannan S.

8. “Finding time for yourself whether it is some TV, a hot bath, a little reading...just an hour for you!” – Amy H.

9. “Deep breaths, meditate, and encourage your student to as well.” – Sara W.


10. “Turn up the music & sing at the top of my lungs... but in all seriousness, remembering that self care isn’t being selfish.” – Julie G.

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While this time of year can be stressful, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. And, when in doubt—dance it out!


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