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10 Top Back-to-School Tips from Teachers

10 Top Back-to-School Tips from Teachers

We all have our own recipe for success when it comes to preparing for the new school year. We at Edmentum recently asked teachers on our Facebook page to share their best back-to-school tips with us, and we’re here to pass on that wisdom on to you! Here are a few of our favorite responses:

1. “Stock your classroom with plenty grab-and-go snacks and drinks to keep you fueled for those busy hours.” – Erica I.

2. “Start the new year with a [“new year’s eve”] party in the cafeteria before the first day starts. [Don’t] forget the countdown!” – Amanda B.

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3. “If you have a bulletin board that you have to decorate seasonally, layer the butcher paper (and borders if you’re so inclined) on top of one another. I put green on the bottom for March-June, red on top of that for Dec-Feb, and orange on the very top for August-November. Been doing it for years, and it’s worked beautifully. It’s a real time saver during the busy school year.” – Eileen M.

If you’re stumped for bulletin board ideas, check out our classroom design Pinterest board!

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4. “Use material rather than paper of any kind for bulletin boards! Will last all year and for years to come!” – Ashley K.

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5. “Spend 2 hours getting rid of old stuff. It's amazing how good it feels!” – Lynne H.


6. “Begin the first week with building relationships and setting expectations. It will make the year go smoother and create a wonderful class culture.” – Elizabeth H.

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7. “Spend the first week building relationships and classroom community. It sets the tone for the whole year and is well worth the time.” – Tiffany M.

8. “Greet the students with an awesome attitude and a high five. Let them know how excited you are that they're in your class this year. Be positive!!” – Felicia B.


9. “Wear your new outfit with a big broad smile greeting each and every student.” – Morvette M.

10. “Back to School tip #1,273: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Enjoy them! They are still kids and don’t expect them to be grown ups yet. (I taught 5th grade the last 5 yrs.)” – Jamie R.

All of these answers were a part of Edmentum’s back-to-school mini giveaway on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Two lucky winners from each site won a $10 Starbucks gift card! One teacher, Eve H., even sent us a photo of herself enjoying her coffee treat!

Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages, where we’ll be doing more giveaways for the back-to-school season! Teachers, we want to wish you a happy new school year! You’ve worked hard to prepare for the year—now get out there and enjoy it!