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12 Days of Summer Activities

12 Days of Summer Activities

While school has only been out for one month, it may feel like a century ago to you, as your kids bounce off the walls in your home, relishing in their summer freedoms. If you're like other parents, you may be wondering what kinds of fun yet educational activities your child can do to not only keep busy but give you peace of mind. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of twelve activities to keep you and your child engaged this summer!


  1. Visit a museum. Museums are great places to learn new things in an exciting way. If you don't have a larger museum to visit in your area, such as a natural history museum or science museum, find local museums that may focus on just your city's history. Which leads to our next idea…


  1. Research project on your home town. Curious about the street names in your neighborhood? Wondering how long the downtown has been in existence? Spark your child's interest in finding out more about their local neighborhood, utilizing resources such as your local library, local historical foundations, and maybe even conducting interviews of local shops that have been around for a while.

  1. Visit a National or State Park. Take a family trip to a national park or a state park and explore the different historical sites within the parks. Research the history and background behind establishing the park. If your child is a 4th grader, they can actually get a free pass to visit!


  1. Make homemade ice cream. Explore the science behind making ice cream! Check out this helpful site to not only make ice cream using everyday household supplies, but also learn the science behind creating ice cream.


  1. Volunteer at a food bank or local soup kitchen. Teach your kids to give back to the community by volunteering at a food bank or local soup kitchen. Your child will benefit in not only learning compassion for others who are less fortunate, but also from cultivating gratitude for the material blessings that they have.


  1. Reading a new fiction series. Hook your kids on reading by finding an age-appropriate book series or author that they can read over the summer. Check out these reading lists for inspiration, or ask your local children's librarian.


  1. Star gazing. Do your kids love the outdoors? Camp out in your backyard and look to the stars. Can your child identify key constellations? Are you able to identify what phase the moon is in? Help your child learn more about the stars and planets that they observe with these fun activities.


  1. Make slime. Create slime using simple ingredients at home. Experiment with different ingredients to get a different color slime, or even make slime that glitters.


  1. Plant a garden. Choose seed packets with your children and start a garden in your home. Cultivate your green thumb by learning more about seed germination, nutrients that plants need, photosynthesis, etc. Measure and track the progress of your seedlings. You can even create a science experiment to study how plants flourish under different circumstances.


  1. Write and illustrate your own book. Encourage your child to write and illustrate a book on their own. Teach them the basic elements of a story plot: introduction of characters, climax, and resolution.


  1. Visit a zoo / aquarium. Explore the different animals featured in your nearby zoo or aquarium. Encourage your children to ask questions and learn more about the animals that are featured in the zoo/aquarium.


  1. Get online practice. Did you know just 30 minutes a week of online practice with Study Island for Home can result in significant growth? Encourage your child to get 30 minutes of practice a week of math, ELA, science, and social science over the summer to fight the summer slide and get ahead this school year.


To help you and your child with learning this summer, we also created a free Bingo downloadable for you to use. Reward your child if they are able to get five in a row!