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13 Educators Share Their Best Back-to-School Tips for Success

13 Educators Share Their Best Back-to-School Tips for Success

Just like that, another summer break has come and gone, and it’s time to start preparing for another school year. While you’re busy getting your classroom ready with shiny new pencils and crisp notebook paper, check out some of the tips educators from our community on Facebook recommend to start off your school year right:

1. “I gradually adjust to being back at school by going in for small amounts of time for a few days so it doesn’t feel like such a big transition. Just being back in the building and seeing other teacher friends starts to reset me for being back at it full-time. I also try to connect with any new teachers so they feel welcome and supported as members of our community.” – Katie G.


2. “I take June off to relax for myself. In mid-July I go out to my room and start setting up slowly. I have plans made already for the first three weeks and notes on how I would like to teach the material. I try to have almost everything ready by the first week in August so I can relax again before school starts.” – Jennifer F.


3. “Don't reinvent the wheel! Look at all your documents you used last year and edit as needed to fit the new school year.” – Payton D.


4. “Spend the first few weeks just building relationships and the learning will come!” – Julie W.

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5. “Take moments to look around my room before the kids arrive and be grateful. Grateful that I have a good job, with lovely people and that I have the chance to impact the lives of some beautiful children including my own.” – Tauna F.


6. “Prep at school and have everything ready first two weeks and [to] prepare at home, I make and freeze dinners so I don’t have to worry about dinner. First few weeks of school [are] so exhausting - I like having as much as I can ready!” – Hayley S.

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7. “Get to know your students and help them feel loved. #LoveMyThirdGraders.” – Joan C.


8. “Practice your students name ahead of time, so you are familiar with how to pronounce it. Set up your classroom with a little of your personality, especially on your desk, so your students can see that you are human.” – Sandra D.


9. “Honestly, to spend some time resting and relaxing so that you go back with a full tank ready to tackle another school year. Otherwise burnout comes quick.” – Jennifer L.

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10. “Set up your online classroom with a positive message for the school year. Have a positive message on your board or projector waiting for your kids when they enter. A fellow teacher and I are doing pallet with our hopes for the students for the year we are going to project it. Getting all your extra school supplies and decorating your classroom is great too.” – Patty W.


11. “Take time to call the students you will teach. Make a connection and build a relationship with not only the students but their families too! Rigor Relevance Relationships create a great school year!” – Tammarra P.


12. “Focus on organization and be over prepared. Don't go overboard on decorations. Be positive, firm and loving.” – Michelle H.


13. “I try to be as organized as possible for myself and my students. When they come in to my classroom I want them to feel comfortable and ready to learn. We go over rules and procedures for the first week or so (and continue to do so as needed). It is all about building relationships with my students.” – Kristen E.


We at Edmentum are wishing you and your fellow educators the best as you prepare for a new school year. You’re going to do great!