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13 Michael Scott Gifs Teachers Will Relate to Before the Holidays

13 Michael Scott Gifs Teachers Will Relate to Before the Holidays

How many of you felt that instant Halloween-is-over-now-it’s-time-for-the-holidays shift? The effervescent feeling is almost palpable down every hallway and inside every classroom, isn’t it? It’s equal parts antsy and giddy. It’s visions of wrapping up the semester and unwrapping presents. It’s the pressure of an ending semester and the promise of a new year. And you’re not alone—we’ve got 13 Michael Scott gifs to sum up how teachers feel during the busy time before the holidays.

When your students try to explain what the new Call of Duty game is all about and why they’re so addicted to playing it on their phones during class.

When you make your class get up and move around because it’s the end of the day and we need more energy in this room.

And then you get in your car and truly have the dance party you deserve.

When teachers are trying to plan a holiday potluck.

And you offer to bring in store-bought cookies because that’s simple and quick, but then Mrs. Smith remembers that you make great homemade brownies and starts suggesting you bring those instead.

When you remind your class to study for their test the next week (that you’ve been going over for the past two weeks) and someone asks, “what test?”

When it’s crunch time and you’ve been on a grading frenzy, but then remember that you left a stack of papers in your car that you still need to grade.

So you run to grab the stack, turn some music on, and pep yourself up to finish grading.

When your admins bring holiday snacks to the staff meeting.

And then in the middle of the meeting, one of your teacher BFFs informs you that they brought snacks to share, as well. 

When a student tells you that you helped them better understand the subject you teach and they wish they would’ve had you as a teacher sooner.

And you immediately go find your teacher BFFs to tell them how great that made you feel.

Then the last bell rings, the winter break begins, and it’s time to get out of here and celebrate the holidays. 

Keep up the great work wrapping up the semester and happy (well-deserved) holidays!  Want to keep laughing? Check out these way-too-relatable teacher videos!