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14 Teachers Share Their Goals for the 2020-21 School Year

14 Teachers Share Their Goals for the 2020-21 School Year

It’s not uncommon for a few New Year’s resolutions to be abandoned over the course of the year, but with an unpredictable year like 2020, many educators have looked at the new school year as an opportunity to start fresh or redefine their goals.

We asked our amazing community of educators on Facebook – what are your goals for yourself, your classroom, or your students this school year? Here are a few of our favorite answers:

  1. "My goal this year is to see growth in myself and my students." 
    - Reina C.

  1. "My goal is to support my students in staying safe and healthy and reaching their academic goals. My students' goals are to graduate in spite of the unique obstacles they face this year, and to stay safe!" 
    - Spanish Electives Cha

  1. "My goal is to create relationships with my students and create a positive virtual learning environment with the help of Edmentum Calvert and Exact Path! I also hope to build a love for learning in my Kindergarten class." 
    - Hannah W.

  1. "My goal for this year is to be a more effective communicator with my students and coworkers. I want to have a better relationship with my students and with my family. I want to be able to draw on those relationships to facilitate personal and academic growth." 
    - Becki P.

  1. "My goal this year is to help teachers take better care of themselves, so they can better care for the kiddos they are stewards over. Our stress, worry, and fear can transfer directly to the kids in our classroom. They need us now more than ever." 
    - Norma Z.

  1. "My goal for ME is to make time for personal space and to do something for myself. My goal as a teacher is to figure out how to effectively teach my students with Autism through a computer. My students rock and they are such incredibly hard-working individuals but there are some things that are just hard to do virtually! I want my students to acknowledge and understand what they accomplish every day. This is a tough task we are asking of them and they are persisting. I am so proud of each of them!" 
    - Megan B.

  1. "My goal is to teach struggling students both face to face and virtually to read." 
    - Terry H.

  1. "My goal is to create a positive virtual learning environment and help as much as I can struggling students." 
    - Nohelia H.

  1. "My goal is to make this year as successful for my students, my colleagues, and myself as possible. I will face the challenges of this year. I will give and seek support when needed so we can get through this together!" 
    - Joy B.

  1. "My goal, first and foremost, is to help my students feel safe and positive about returning to in person learning. Next, I want to provide my students the best opportunity for reading and language growth that meets their individual needs." 
    - Candi H.

  1. "To build a virtual community that rivals the wonderful community we had on-site and in-person! I want students to know that I’m here for them, even if we can’t sit right next to each other, and I want to show them the joys and worth of virtual classrooms and resources." 
    - Diana G.

  1. "To promote a fun and educational environment all while staying safe. I hope to provide some sense of normalcy and encourage them to meet every challenge." 
    - JeDonne W.

  1. "My goal is to create a digital/face-to-face learning environment where the focus isn’t solely on learning but also on showing grace, patience, and compassion during these stressful times." 
    - Whitney C.

  1. "To utilize all possible virtual tools to enhance my students online learning experience with Google Classroom." 
    - Jules R.


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