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16 Thoughts You Have as THIS School Year Comes to a Close

16 Thoughts You Have as THIS School Year Comes to a Close

There are normally a lot of mixed emotions when it comes to winding down the school year, but this year seems especially sentimental. Here are 16 GIFs that help explain the ups and downs that go hand-in-hand with ending the academic year impacted by COVID-19 school closures. 

When you realize the school year is almost over, and you get excited


And then you think about how much Professional Development you have to do this summer


When you reminisce about your memories of the year and how proud you are of your students for their hard work


But then think about how bittersweet having to say goodbye to your students via Video Chat will be


When you feel like you’re finally getting the hang of video lessons and virtual instruction


But you’re happy for a break because the teacher fatigue is real


When you realize you can finally stop staring at your computer screen all day and close the 20 tabs open in your browser

But then they keep putting good shows on Netflix that you finally have time to watch


How you won’t miss how often policies have changed on a dime

But then you think about how simplified grading will be this year


When you won’t miss responding to the hundreds of daily emails you’re getting from parents



But you can’t complain about how engaged and involved they are in their child’s learning


When you’ll miss the daily videos you get from your students saying hello as they complete their assignments


But you no longer need to be camera ready every morning



When you can’t stop wondering what next year will look like


But you realize you’re an awesome teacher so it will all end up ok.

While the school year may not have exactly gone as planned, and the end of the year may feel very different from years past, the ability for educators to change the lives of their students for the better, and encourage their classes to aim for success, remains intact. Congratulations to students and teachers everywhere on your hard work and achievements this school year; we look forward to your continued greatness next fall!