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20 Quick Classroom Resolutions from Teachers

20 Quick Classroom Resolutions from Teachers

As you’re busy wrapping up 2018, take some time to reflect on what your classroom resolutions are for 2019. What are some goals that you can set to accomplish at the beginning of the new year? We recently asked teachers on our Facebook page what their resolutions are.

Here are 20 quick resolutions that teachers are working on in the upcoming year:

1. “To make sure that my students feel loved and that they learn all that they need to learn this year.” – Lisa S.

Alice Socal

2. “I resolve to inspire my students to continue to seek knowledge.” – Melissa C.

3. “To foster independence, particularly with life skills and communication.” – Kate L.

4. “To touch the heart, mind and hands of each child daily to let them realize they are successful, important and capable of achieving their dreams. Think positive, study hard and be the best at whatever they choose to be.” – Laural A.

Lisa Vertudaches

5. “To help kids get along and be friendly, kind, helpful, and caring.” – Ann S.


6. “To help kids set high expectations for themselves and learn to work to achieve them.” – Carla O.

7. “Higher sight word recognition! Hard when you have 85% ESOL population.” – Annie E.

Alexandra Dvornikova

8. “Encourage more compassion for each other.” – Payton D.

9. “To get more students to connect to their learning. To help guide them toward success so I can watch them sail.” – Diane M.

Nino Paulito

10. “To be better about balancing work and home life.” – Miranda P.


11. “To create a classroom that fosters creativity and a love for learning.” – Amanda S.

Geo Law

12. “Declutter.” – Wanda V.

Illumination Entertainment

13. “My goal for our classroom in 2019 is to encourage positive mindsets that give genuine compliments or encouragement. I want to have my kids share private weekly note that tells me 3 people that they notice were doing kind things.” – Jami G.


14. “My goal is to redecorate my entire classroom!” – Kayla R.


15. “To ensure all of my online students are prepped and ready to graduate on time!” – Jennifer R.

Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life

16. “Inspire the students to write more for each subject area.” – Andrea P.

17. “Shine light in places where it appears to be dark.” – Latoyia S.

18. “Same as focus on relationships with my kiddos and their families. Relationships are key.” – Michelle K.

Christina Lu

19. “Use more technology effectively.” – Jill W.

20. “Reaching the difficult students.” – Mary Jo K.


The entire team at Edmentum wishes you a happy and healthy 2019!

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