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20 Teachers Share Their Resolutions and Goals for 2020

20 Teachers Share Their Resolutions and Goals for 2020

Can you believe 2020 has already arrived? To start off a new decade, you’ve probably been thinking about how you could improve your teaching practice. That’s exactly the question we posed to our amazing community of educators on Facebook – what are your teacher resolutions for 2020? Here’s a few of our favorite answers:

  1. “My teacher goal in the upcoming year is to continue being a positive light in many of my students lives as well as helping all of my students to become stronger readers.” – Jennifer B.


  1. “My goal is to continue fostering a classroom environment that makes students want to attend- through building relationships with them and allowing them to build relationships with each other, our classroom will continue to grow as a welcoming and warm classroom.” – Nicole E.


  1. “Finishing my Masters and stay somewhat sane!” – Michelle L.


  1. “To build strong relationships with staff, students and families!” – Andrea P.


  1. “I want to remember to take care of me and begin to strategically help my students address standards they are not proficient in.” – Angel G.


  1. “I'd like to start a book club/lesson study with teachers.” – Denise D.


  1. “My goal is to bring more awareness to the plight of many of my students and advocate for them so their individualized needs are met.” – Angela G.


  1. “Build tighter relationships and really understand my students. Incorporate technology on a weekly basis.” – Melodee W.


  1. “Be more organized.” – Carla O.


  1. “I want to find ways to inspire my students that the hard work is worth it! I am considering hiring a graphic design student to help me redo all my assignment sheets and some activities to make them more user friendly.” – Julie K.


  1. “Continue moving our district forward in math fact fluency” – Kris M.


  1. “Get all papers graded at school.” – Linda G.


  1. “Wow. It is hard to pick just one. My main goal is to be able to help my studnets become more independent thinkers so that they can take more control over their learning. I would love to see my classes student led instead of teacher led. I feel our students have a bigger voice than what has been allowed and if we give them the opportunity, they will far exceed what we thought was possible.” – Amanda L.


  1. “2020 will be my last year of teaching. My goal is to keep building relationships with my students so that they know how important they are to me and to make sure that I give them the tools they need to be financially secure now and after they leave high school.” – Jackie O.


  1. “Biggest goal is to make the most out of my intervention minutes with my students to make solid gains and build skills they can utilize out in the community.” – Davi M.


  1. “To see my students keep making progress.” – Patty F.


  1. “Find more engaging ways to meet the needs of my Tier 2 students so we can see more successful gains and growth for them.” – Katie G.


  1. “Clean out old file cabinets of worksheets/tests that I haven't used in 10+ years.” – Amy L.


  1. “Worry less about things that are out of my control.” – Coll G.


  1. “2020 goal, to love my kids and help them grow #EducatorFirst” – Lisa W.


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