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The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers

The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers

As you’ve probably heard, the holidays are upon us. Every year, teachers’ desks are flooded with Starbucks gift cards, mugs, and homemade art projects. Those are all appreciated, but here are some more outside-the-box ideas for the teachers in your life (or for a schoolwide white elephant exchange) this year.

Subscriptions to online services

Most teachers’ lives are increasingly reliant on apps and websites. These tools might be free initially, but premium services require a subscription. If you know a teacher who uses apps like Evernote, Prezi, or one of the infographic design sites such as Canva, consider purchasing them a subscription for the enhanced experiences each provides. It’s affordable, practical, and something they probably wouldn’t think to do for themselves.

School supplies – but the good stuff

By this point in the school year, the stock of supplies is starting to run low in many classrooms. With limited budgets, teachers have to make-do with materials of lesser quality, or use their own money to replenish supplies. It might seem boring, but for a teacher used to stretching dollars with off-brand items, some top-quality new classroom supplies will make their day.

A good pen

Teachers write a lot—all too often with whatever they can find on their classroom floor at the end of the day. A nice pen, one that is meant to be taken care of, makes a very thoughtful gift. It doesn’t have to be a fancy fountain pen, but one that comes in its own special box is always appreciated.

Amazon gift card or Prime subscription

Starbucks is the default gift card, but few people stop to consider that at this time of year, teachers are about to embark on a two-week vacation and will want reading and/or binge watching material. Teachers often don’t have an opportunity to read for leisure during the school year. Help them make that happen.

Raspberry Pi Zero

Do you know a techie teacher who loves incorporating new and different STEM activities in the classroom? Raspberry Pi makes open-source circuit boards that serve as functioning computers. Because it’s only the board, they are insanely cheap. For example, the Zero is only $5. These tools are a great way to for students to experiment with technology, coding, and all sorts of other STEM tasks for a minimal investment. Go ahead and give the teacher you have in mind a chance to geek out.

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