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3 Reasons Why Educators Love Courseware

3 Reasons Why Educators Love Courseware

For decades, Edmentum has partnered with schools and districts across the country to offer effective online courses through Courseware, and we love to hear from educators as they share how much they enjoy the program and how they’re successfully implementing it with their students. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite success story soundbites and testimonials that highlight the powerful ways Courseware has helped support blended learning, increase graduation rates, and improve student agency.

Courseware Helps Support Blended Learning

“[With Courseware], I can have a classroom full of 40 students, and each one can be working on what they need to learn, when they need to learn it, and at the rate that they need to learn it. It’s something you don't often get with a more traditional delivery method.” Read the full story.

Brent Biro, Math Technologist, Fanshawe College – London, Ontario, Canada

“After we went [to] 1:1 [with devices], we turned to Edmentum to provide tools and digital resources for all of our teachers and students. . . . [Courseware] has given Triton Central High School the ability to become a true blended learning environment where differentiation and creativity became normal best practices in the classroom.” Read the full story.

Dr. Shane Robbins, Superintendent, Northwestern Consolidated School District – Fairland, Indiana

“Edmentum literally was our foundational curriculum. The content was so rich that we didn't have to search for a supplemental text. When we were able to see, ‘Wow, this has everything you need,’ it became our actual textbook for the curriculum.” Read the full story.

Dawn Bowles, Principal, Millwood High School – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Courseware Helps Improve Graduation Rates

“Using Courseware for credit recovery has been helpful. It just helps [students] graduate very close to their cohort because they don't have to take the class for a whole year over like they would at a traditional school. Or, if they pass one semester but failed the other, we can utilize the credit recovery to allow them to get the other half of credit for their class. It’s been really helpful with helping us maintain high graduation rates.” Read the Full Story.

Candis Dawson Taylor, School Director, The Excel Center – Memphis, Tennessee

“I had a child in my office the other day, and she looked at me and said, ‘I didn’t realize it was my fifth day; does that mean I’m not going to graduate?’ I said, ‘No, that means you’re going to get in high [gear], and you’re going to get this done.’ And, it really makes a difference because she’s one who would have walked out right then and there, never gotten a diploma, and that would have been it. That diploma is so important.” Read the full story.

Anne Burns, Curriculum Coordinator, Caldwell Parish High School – Caldwell Parish, Louisiana

“[The Halifax County Schools Empowerment Zone] offers an alternative setting for students that, for whatever reason, have fallen behind in their cohort. It affords them the opportunity to catch up through credit recovery and through new classes at an accelerated speed. We were able to graduate 12 of those seniors this year because they had access to their courses via Edmentum Courseware.” Read the full story and corresponding blog post.

Dr. LaVonne McClain, Director of Student Information and Accountability, Halifax County Schools – Halifax County, North Carolina

Courseware Helps Enhance Student Agency

“Courseware is not only our past, present, but also in our future plans too. We use it for getting kids that have fallen behind to catch up and, on the opposite end, those that want to be pushed and want to take some accountability to push themselves a little bit.” Read the full story.

Dr. Brent Comer, Superintendent, Mitchell Community Schools – Mitchell, Indiana

“The students embrace the flexibility when it comes to assignments that are due. Students need to complete their work by the end of the semester. . . . It gives them some ownership of their learning and forces them to ask, ‘What do I have to do to keep everything on track?’” Read the full story.

Matthew Lehman, Teacher, Selinsgrove Area High School – Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

“We cannot provide a large course catalog of electives, so many students are earning first-time elective credits here because they have found a course in Courseware that suits their interests and goals. . . . We also, once in a while, have a couple of go-getter students who decide in September that they want to graduate early and work toward that goal through Edmentum Courseware.” Read the full story.

Harolyn York, Student Achievement Center Instructor, Medomak Valley High School – Waldoboro, Maine

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