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3 SEL Courses to Help Your 6–12 Graders This Fall

3 SEL Courses to Help Your 6–12 Graders This Fall

We know how important it is for students to digest their unique pandemic experiences; understand that they are not alone; and learn strategies to support themselves in times of loss, challenge, and change. As you work to create balance and support students within this pandemic-affected education experience, consider incorporating three new BASE Education courses into your explicit social-emotional learning (SEL) instruction for grades 6–12. You can equip students with the mental health tools and knowledge they need to succeed and move forward now by exploring the courses: Adjusting to Today’s New “Normal,” Mindfulness,and Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Always aligned to the CASEL framework, rooted in mental health and wellness principles, and underscored by clinical research, BASE Education has you covered with these flexible, interactive courses that help you create a safe space for students to sort through their thoughts and emotions.

BASE Education’s evidence-based courses can be presented to a class with the content questions answered as a group, or they can be accessed individually with questions answered directly within the course. Help students move to feeling safe and supported back at school and in the world. Let’s take a closer look at these new courses.

3 SEL Courses to Help Your 6–12 Graders This Fall

1. New Release: Adjusting to Today's New "Normal"

Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, and all students continue to feel that impact in various ways. This new course will help students cope with their feelings about the last and the present year as they continue to adjust to a “new normal.” Through the stories of other students presented in the course, learners will have the opportunity to self-validate feelings of loneliness, depression, loss, academic insecurity, and isolation that they may be experiencing. They will tap into their coping strategies and create a path for successful reintegration and resilience as the new school year unfolds.

Further courses are suggested within this course, depending on what students are going through. BASE Education courses—such as Anxiety, Depression, and Coping Strategies—present a valuable extension opportunity to deepen impact as you focus on a strong foundation of explicit SEL instruction.

2. New Release: Mindfulness

This course will help students manage stress and handle big (and small) feelings, and it will provide tools to stay clear, calm, and focused. With an understanding of mindfulness—defined by Jon Kabat-Zinn as “the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally”—students can train their brains to tap into their own power to manage emotions and to think and see things differently, leading to changed behavioral reactions. In Mindfulness, students learn that brains have neuroplasticity, making them perfect for change and growth. You can put students in charge of their own experience and give them a sense of control and choice with this simple and impactful practice and course.

Mindfulness is used in many school districts around the nation to help students and educators learn how to self-regulate. Educational research about training and awareness of mindfulness shows that it leads to improved behavior and increased academic proficiency in students. The practices of mindfulness are recommended as an integrated part of SEL instruction for maximum effectiveness.

Practicing mindfulness can help teachers too. Learn to recognize emotional patterns and proactively regulate behavior, responding in the way you want that is aligned to your values and beliefs, rather than reacting automatically. It can also help you recognize and enjoy the positive moments in each day. Read more about tips for mindful teachers in this article, “The Art of Mindfulness for Educators.” As with students, a mindfulness practice for adults would be enhanced by explicit SEL professional development (PD). Consider BASE Education’s educator PD suite to deepen your own knowledge.

3. Updated: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The final course we are exploring is the newly updated COVID-19 course. This course teaches the basic facts about the novel coronavirus identified in 2019, including how to protect oneself. It has been updated to move from immediate learning to reflective language, and it uses CDC information, guidelines, and recommendations. In addition to accessible scientific information, this course will answer many questions that students are asking and aid in the creation of a safe space for students to process emotions and thoughts specific to the pandemic.

This school year presents a great opportunity, as you thoughtfully guide your students through learning during the pandemic, to double-check that you have selected your intended settings for BASE Education platform features like Firewords™ and Text Deletion to make sure that you are getting alerts from students reaching out for help.

Want to learn more about how you can use BASE Education courses this academic year? Check out the BASE Education Getting Started Resources page pacing guides to individualize instruction by grade level or intervention.'s picture
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