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4 Unique Elective Courses Offered Through Edmentum Courseware

4 Unique Elective Courses Offered Through Edmentum Courseware

Students have a wide variety of interests in many subject areas, and they sometimes struggle to find elective courses that they are truly interested in. Schools often do not have the resources to offer courses in specific or specialized subject areas. Edmentum Courseware is here to bridge that gap! We’re proud to have a diverse course catalog full of fun and interesting subjects that high school students can take as elective courses. We offer many courses on a wide variety of topics that are often not covered deeply (or at all!) in many schools. Let’s take a further look at four unique courses we offer!

Sports Officiating

We’ve all watched or played in a sport where the official makes a call the crowd disagrees with. What goes into that job? How does one make decisions on the field? In this “Health and Fitness” course, students learn guidelines, rules, and gameplay for a variety of sports, such as soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, football, volleyball, and tennis. Students will also learn about the role a sport official plays in maintaining fair play, along with various officiating calls and hand signals for each sport.

Intro to Agriscience

Agriculture has been an important part of human life since the beginning of humanity. Today, many scientists work to improve agriculture and figure out how it can be used to improve human life around the world. In this course, students learn about agriculture’s development and maintenance, natural resources, animal systems, and other food sources. Students also explore the relationship of agriculture and natural resources with the environment, health, politics, and world trade.

Game Development

Video games have surged in popularity for the last several decades. Many students who consider themselves to be gamers have thought about how video games are made. In this course, students will learn the ins and outs of game development, mobile game design, user interface design, social gaming, and the principles of development and design methodologies. Students will enjoy this fun and highly engaging course that will lay a strong foundation for a career in game development.

Holocaust Studies

The Holocaust was a tragic time in history that resulted in the death of six million Jewish people. While it can be hard to recount the events of the Holocaust and WWII, it is important for students to learn the details of the events that transpired. This course covers a wide variety of related topics, including the aftermath of WWI, anti-Semitism, the rise of Adolf Hitler, Jewish history, concentration camps, the Jewish resistance, and the impact of the Holocaust on the world.

Interested in learning more about the many options Edmentum offers? Browse our course catalog to view over 100 unique and diverse electives for your students to take this upcoming school year!