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4 Ways Edmentum Assessments Can Support Students During Times of Transition

4 Ways Edmentum Assessments Can Support Students During Times of Transition

For some students, transitions are smooth and exciting, while for others, they come with a lot of stress. Whether students are at the turning point of a grade-level promotion, require additional tutoring  are in need of summer support, or are making the big move to high school, transitions are inevitable. The right online program can help build students’ confidence as they prepare for each new venture by providing individualized, data-driven instruction that addresses the needs of all of your students. Here’s four ways that Edmentum Assessments can support students during different times of transition.

Freshman Transition

Prepare your students for the rigor of high school by comparing the specific strengths and learning needs of an individual or a group of your students against your state and Common Core standards and support learning with individualized prescriptions.

Tutoring Assistance

Make your tutoring or Saturday school meaningful during transition into a new unit or semester. Easily delve into the concepts with which your students struggle, and assign additional supplemental activities from the content library to reinforce concepts and help your students succeed.

Grade-Level Evaluation

Start students’ school year off right by identifying gaps in knowledge early and automatically prescribe individualized content to support instruction. Engage your students with interactive tutorials, activities, and lessons to help master materials.

Summer Bridge Program

Avoid the summer slide by helping students prepare, enrich, and remediate material on-site or virtually prior to the new school year. Easily schedule multiple comparable assessment milestones to automate a fluid individualized prescription for each student over time.

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