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5 Articles to Help You Celebrate Black History Month in Your School

5 Articles to Help You Celebrate Black History Month in Your School

Every February the United States observes Black History Month, where we honor and celebrate the achievements and important contributions made by black Americans throughout our nation’s history.

Black History Month provides a great opportunity for educators to teach their students about the pivotal role black Americans have played in U.S. history, and to help students recognize the importance of social, political, and economic equality as it applies to race. To help you celebrate in your classroom, we looked across the internet to find creative resources for you and your students.

20 Pertinent Classroom Resources for Black History Month


Last year, PBS curated a list of 20 lesson plans and resources for teachers that cover topics ranging from civil rights events to discussions about race in current events. The resources provide authentic student-driven learning experiences that help all students participate in Black History Month.

[Free Resources] Celebrate Black History Month with Topical Classroom Resources


Packed with lesson plans and activities, our topical resources are perfect for the elementary classroom. You and your students will learn more about civil rights figures and famous black inventors, discuss George Washington Carver’s famous quotes, and more!

24 Children’s Books to Read to Your Kids in Honor of Black History Month


Use story time within your classroom as one of the great ways to teach kids about the accomplishments of black pioneers and trailblazers. With the suggestions from organizations dedicated to embracing diversity in children’s books, Huff Post gathered a list of 24 Children’s books about black figures or that are focused on black culture.

20 Black History Month Activities for February and Beyond


WeAreTeachers created a list of their favorite Black History Month activities for the classroom that allow students to learn the history, discover the cultural impacts, and follow the movements throughout present day.

50 Iconic Black Trailblazers Who Represent Every State in America


As part of HuffPost’s Black History Month they created a list of black icons from each state in the United States that feature those who have made monumental advancements in politics, music, sports, literature, and beyond.'s picture
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