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5 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Educators

5 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Educators

While it’s easy to head into the new year with lofty goals and aspirations, let’s face the reality that many of our resolutions die by February. Instead of letting those resolutions die like the year before, it’s time to make a few resolutions that you can actually accomplish. Here’s a few easy changes you can make to your life in 2019:

1. Healthier eating habits

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This is a resolution that seems to always be at the top of everyone’s list, but is most definitely easier said than done. Rather than focusing on a complete overhaul of the way you eat, start small and work up from there. Realize that your diet isn’t going to change overnight, and if you’re wanting to maintain a healthier lifestyle over a long period of time, you’ll need to start by making small changes. Making changes that work for you and your lifestyle will be the key in maintaining this goal in the long term. A great place to start is looking at these tips from WebMD.

2. Reasonable exercise habits

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Again, this is a resolution that is at the top of most lists each year. Like the resolution above, you’ll need to make changes that are manageable for you, especially at the beginning. As educators, you spend lots of time teaching your students about the benefits of exercise, so take the time for yourself and get moving! Even if you’re just taking an extra lap around the halls in the morning before classes, it can make a world of difference.  If you’re looking for some easy ways to squeeze in exercise between lessons, check out these tips from the Guardian.

3. Lighten your workload

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Once you’ve settled down from the chaos of wrapping up 2018, take some time to reflect on your own teaching practice and see if there are any areas that you could cut down in, to make your life easier. Do your students really need that extra quiz in between those units? Could you turn the final research paper into an oral group presentation? What was something you assigned during the year that stressed you out to grade? Digital tools and classroom technology are built and designed to make your life easier, so use them! Lighten your workload by using edtech to make your life easier and maintain your sanity in the new year.

4. Be present

It’s easy to get caught up in the nuances of the school year. Resolve to be mentally present (as much as you can) during 2019 and take in all that you experience. It’s easy to multitask and grade papers during a family road trip, but try to let go of all that goes on in a day and just be present. Practicing simple mindfulness exercises, like mindful eating, focusing on your breath for a minute of two, or even taking a second to wiggle your toes around. Incorporating brain breaks into your classroom routine are another great way to help you and your students be more mindful in the classroom, and can help your students stay focused and energized during the day.

5. Be grateful

As 2018 comes to a close, take a look back at the year and reflect on all that you’ve accomplished. You’ve successfully survived another new half a school year and all of its triumphs and challenges. Reflect on why you’ve chosen to be an educator and appreciate all the great things you get to witness on a daily basis, like seeing the lightbulb moment in a student when they finally understand that lesson.

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