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5 Courses to Keep Students Learning All Summer From EdOptions Academy

5 Courses to Keep Students Learning All Summer From EdOptions Academy

Summer is an opportune moment that allows students to catch up, get ahead, and explore where their education can take them. Offering the right courses is the key to getting and keeping students engaged with their academic content. Here are five courses from Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy that will pique student interest—and with the support of our highly qualified, state-certified online teachers, help students progress towards academic and career goals this summer.

1. Get Ahead with Advanced Computer Science

For students with clear college and career goals, summer break is an outstanding opportunity to get ahead and potentially lighten their workload for the upcoming school year. Students can tackle our Advanced Computer Science course to get a head start on Advanced Placement coursework and prepare to ace that AP test. Students can also take advantage of advanced options in other core subjects, courses to brush up on ACT an SAT topics, or even prepare for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam.

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2. Get Active with Lifetime & Leisure Sports

Health and physical education credits are often some of the most difficult to squeeze in to students’ busy school year schedules. The good news is that students don’t need to be in a gym to fulfill these credits! Courses like Lifetime & Leisure Sports help students build real-world skills—and our virtual teachers make the courses fun! Students can build on personal passions for health and fitness with more advanced courses like Personal Training Concepts and Sports Officiating, or for those students looking for options that are a little less sports-centric, EdOptions Academy also offers options like Health & Personal Wellness and Fitness Fundamentals.

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3. Expand Horizons with Chinese Language

Without the full course load of the school year, not to mention after-school clubs and extra curriculars, summer break is a great chance for students to really dive deep into a specific topic and dedicate plenty of time to practice—which makes it a perfect opportunity to start learning a new language like Chinese! Whether students are interested in pursuing a language not currently offered at your school or they want to get ahead on college requirements, EdOptions Academy offers rigorous courses in Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish, and ASL language to help students start down the path to fluency and build cultural knowledge.

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4. Prepare for a Future Career with Certified Nurse Aide

The demand for Certified Nursing Aides (CNA) is huge, and EdOptions Academy can help your students gain that real-world credential! Our Certified Nurse Aide course helps students develop an understanding of the human body; build the skills necessary to provide high-quality, culturally competent care; and prepare students to take the NNAAP exam. For students looking to enter other career fields, EdOptions Academy offers over 100 Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses across all 16 Career clusters including Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance; Game Development; Principles of Engineering & Technology; and many more! 

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5. Explore a Personal Passion with Fashion & Interior Design

Sometimes, students just don’t have room in their school year class schedules to take all of the fun electives that they’d like to. Summer is a great time to take some of those courses that sound interesting, like Fashion & Interior Design, but may not clearly fit within graduation requirements. No matter what your students are passionate about, chances are they can find an EdOptions Academy course that grabs their attention, like Digital Photography, Gothic Literature: Monster Stories, Social Problems, Biotechnology: Unlocking Nature’s Secrets, and so many more. Plus, elective courses like these are a great opportunity for students to start exploring career and college course interests!

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Interested in learning more about how EdOptions Academy’s engaging digital curriculum and outstanding virtual teachers can help your school or district deliver a summer school program that students will be excited about? Check out this brochure for details on summer learning solutions from EdOptions Academy!

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