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5 Podcasts Every Adult and Higher Ed Teacher Should Check Out

5 Podcasts Every Adult and Higher Ed Teacher Should Check Out

Adult and postsecondary educators are always working to improve their instructional practice and find new approaches to make things click for learners. But, when you’re juggling multiple classes, lesson planning, and the never-ending backlog of assignments to grade, there’s only limited time to devote to staying up on all the latest education trends. That’s why podcasts have become so popular! They’re a great way to sneak in some professional development (and keep yourself entertained) while commuting, catching up on paperwork, or working on chores around the house. And, there’s no shortage of high-quality options for educators to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite podcasts focused on adult and higher education for you to check out!

Times Higher Education Podcast

Times Higher Education (THE) is a leading provider of world university rankings, and the organization is a great source of analysis and insight on trends and performance in higher education institutions. Its podcast takes a weekly look at the most current issues, trends, and debates in the world of higher education.

Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast

University professor Bonni Stachowiak hosts this weekly podcast focused on providing higher education instructors with strategies to continually facilitate improved learning for students. Bonni regularly hosts guest professors in order to share their insights on effective instruction, as well as their tips for educators to increase personal productivity.

EdSurge Podcast

EdSurge is a great source of news and commentary on edtech, education policy, and blended learning trends. Its weekly podcast keeps those discussions going with thought-provoking interviews, debates, and updates specific to higher education and the broader field of edtech.

Re:Learning Podcast

This podcast from The Chronicle of Higher Education is all about leading the discussion on what the future of education looks like. It introduces listeners to the innovative, disruptive educators who are leading the charge to change the landscape of education.

Higher Ed Live Podcast

Higher Ed Live offers resources on all aspects of higher education administration—including admissions, advancement, student affairs, and communications. On its podcasts, interviews are conducted with professionals from higher education institutions, journalists, consultants, and thought leaders about all of the latest industry issues and trends.

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